Thursday, July 31, 2014

Money-Saving Thursday #3: How to Lower the High Price of Gas

Grocery Fuel Programs

Because we all love to eat!

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Join any of these programs by simply obtaining a membership card from the specific store brand.

BI-LO. I rank this fuel reward program #1. Bi-Lo is the best I've found to lower the high price of gas for three reasons:

  1. Weekly incentives to maximize your reward. Bi-Lo rewards .05 per gallon for buying certain foods. For example, this week, they offer rewards for buying lunchbox supplies for back to school. Save .03 to .05 off per gallon of gasoline when you purchase specific items. Deliciousness and savings too! Look for the red circular bubble in their weekly flyer to spot even more deals.
  2. Save .05 per gallon for every $50 spent at Bi-Lo. These seem to add up quickly!
  3. Bi-Lo fuelperks can be combined* with BP Driver Rewards to DECREASE your gas bill twice as fast. For every two times you buy 20 gallons of BP gas, receive .05 off per gallon. Think of it as double dipping since BI-LO and BP are partners in their gas reward programs. *Can't be combined at the pump. You must go in the store to use both rewards at the same time.
Don't have a BP rewards card? Sign up for one here or pick up one at your friendly neighborhood BP station.

TIP: Check with your local grocery store or favorite gas station to see if they partner with other gas reward programs. They may combine rewards too! never know until you ask.

These are other fuel reward programs I use regularly and highly recommend to lower the high price of gas:

Share your fuel tips in a comment. I'd love to know of more ways to save money! Check out other ways to save at Money-Saving Thursday.

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  1. You can also save on gas at K-Mart .30 gas a gal.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I didn't know K-Mart had a gas program. I will check it out.