Friday, August 26, 2016

Gross but Good

grumpy cat
photo credit: Grumpy Cat
I am warning you. You may find the details gross but the message is good. Lisette, my almost three-year-old granddaughter hasn't felt well this week. She's been kinda draggy, just not herself. We checked for a fever. We monitored her cough. We ignored her misbehavior because we knew she felt bad. Still, we couldn't put our fingers on anything specific.

Rewind to yesterday about 5:30 pm. "Sette", as she calls herself, climbed up in my lap as I sat in my rocking chair and went to sleep. Two things unusual about that. She never wants me to rock her anymore and she would rather avoid a nap than take one. Lying her in the bed, I decided she was tired from not feeling well. She woke up like a grumpy cat a few hours later.

Earlier that day, she'd draped a towel across her head asking "Do I look silly with this hoodie on my head?" I said "No! You look like Mary, Mother of Jesus!" Her large imagination liked this idea immediately pretending I was Jesus and she was Mary. After waking from her nap, she once again donned her "hoodie" pretending to be Mary. She came to sit in Jesus's lap still sitting in his rocking chair.

We were playing when she said "Jesus, my stomach is hurting. Will you rub it?" I gently laid her back to rub. Throw up spewed from that sweet baby's mouth by the gallon. I quickly picked her up so she didn't strangle while her mom grabbed a bag because she continued to vomit. I had foul-smelling chunks from my neck to my knees. Literally covered in throw up! After Sydnee took her to the bathroom, I sat motionless.

I HATE vomit! I'm one of those people who just can't deal with it. I couldn't even clean up my kids when they did it. Thankfully, their Dad did! I'm thinking to myself, don't gag or you're gonna be covered in two human's stomach matter. I tried to stand but my lap was full. I felt the stuff oozing everywhere (even into my prostheses) when I moved so I sat still until my husband brought me a towel. I inched my way to another bathroom. Luckily, the chunks stuck to me like glue. The floor was safe. Carefully, I raised the neck of my t-shirt over my head, removed it, my shorts, my underwear and naked I went out into the dark world to scrape the chunks from my clothes to get them into the washer. Then, I showered.

During the episode, I prayed for Lisette. I sat there with her vomit all over me thinking about her. God showed me something beautiful through the grossness. We vomit on God. We sin against him and it is ugly. It stinks. It fills his nostrils with stench. He sees it, smells it, feels it but his Excellency is only thinking about us. How much he loves us. How much he wants to forgive us. How much he desires a right relationship with us through his son, Jesus. I am so thankful that when we've covered God's lap with our filth, he's still mighty to save. Still forgiving, merciful, kind, patient and loving. He's the Dad that cleans his children!
I thought this was so cute and funny....

While Lisette was playing Mary, she asked if I (Jesus) wanted to go into another room to play. I said sure I do. She took my hand excitedly saying,
"Come on Jesus, there's plenty of room in the den!"

Feeling clean,
The Happy Handicap

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