Monday, June 30, 2014

Mom-ism Monday #9

Vacation Time!

We love the Beach. This is our view...
sanibel beach

I usually take my mom and dad on vacation. Do you? And as usual, the Mom-isms abound!  We have LIsette with us also so the first order of business, to insure we enjoy the beach, is shade for the baby. This is mine and Sydnee's attempt at putting up a shelter in 25 mph beach wind!


Don't laugh until you've walked a mile in our sand-filled moccasins! did the job. Now if you don't stay in the shade provided, what happens next? You guessed it. 

Luckily for us, we have my mom or nanny to my girls and gran nan to Lisette! Gran Nan says "I brought the aloe!" Aloe Vera is our go-to remedy for sunburn. Fast relief! I said "Great!" because I already needed some. I thought she brought a bottle so I start looking for it. I spotted it and cracked up. Here's Gran Nan's aloe she brought:

aloe vera
That's right!  No bottled aloe for us! No, we get ours straight from the plant. PHRASH! I'm considering adding a new product to my ETSY page: ALOE IN A BAG kinda like octopus in a bag only less smelly.

Does your family use aloe for sunburn? Leave me a comment with your best sunburn tips. We may need them.

Aloe Soothed,
The Happy Handicap


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

3 Ways to Tell if Your Faith is Counterfeit

Ah refreshing Coca-Cola.  According to the Business Insider, Coke is everywhere. The iconic American brand is recognized instantly around the globe and sold in more than 200 countries. Altogether 1.7 billion servings of Coke products are consumed daily.

Brands have tried to copy the Coke formula. Pepsi tried to win market share with a blind taste test called The Pepsi Challenge. Remember that? Did you ever take the challenge? I did. A true genuine Coke lover can smell a Pepsi. There's no need to taste it to spot an imposter. Would you agree?

The U.S. Secret Service believes we have a role in maintaining the integrity of U.S. currency. We should be familiar enough with our money to spot counterfeit bills. Here are three ways to determine money is counterfeit:

1. The genuine portrait on paper money appears lifelike. A counterfeit portrait is lifeless and flat.
2.The fine lines in the border of a genuine bill are clear and unbroken. On the counterfeit, the lines and scroll work are blurred and indistinct.
3. Genuine paper money has tiny red and blue fibers embedded. The counterfeit bill has lines printed on the surface not embedded throughout.

You can use the same information from the Secret Service counterfeit money tips to make sure your Christian faith is real. Here are 3 ways:

1. Christian faith is full of life. A counterfeit faith is lifeless and flat.
2. The Bible is clear and guidelines are unbroken. Counterfeit doctrine is blurred and indistinct.
3. Genuine faith is embedded in your heart. Counterfeit faith wavers and doesn't penetrate the surface.

Coke ain't got nothing on Jesus. He is an iconic, recognized Savior around the world. I'm not sure how many people serve him daily but he is everywhere. Put your faith to the counterfeit challenge to make sure it's the real thing cause "Things go better with Christ!"

I know He's real,
The Happy Handicap

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tickle Me Tuesday

I love a good laugh! I love it even more when my youngest daughter Sloane (age 22) does something that proves a point to herself without me even saying a word!

Everyone tells Sloane that her and her Mom (that's me) look alike. Every time we're together and someone says it, she's very polite, smiles and says...

"Thank you. If I look like her when I'm 50, I'll take it!" 

As soon as the person is out of hearing distance, she turns to me and says

"I just don't see it. I just don't think we look THAT much alike."

I always smile outwardly and inwardly know my mirror nor my eyes can be THAT wrong. Can they?

Sloane attended new employee orientation a couple of weeks ago. Like most 22-year-olds she waited until she was walking out the door to get her passport. Luckily, her mom knew where it was. She was rushing me through the fireproof safe as I was saying "If it was that important why didn't you do this last night?" She grabbed her passport and flew out the door.

I was anxiously waiting when I heard my phone buzz with a text message. I expected to read something about her new job. Instead I saw...

"You are not going to believe what I did. I grabbed your passport instead of mine. I just looked at the picture and thought it was me!"

When I caught my breath from laughter, I replied...

"Do you still think we don't look THAT much alike?"

Sloane said she's never going to say we don't look alike again if SHE can mistake our pictures. But of course, she WAS in a hurry! blah hahaha

You be the judge. Do you think we look that much alike? Cast your vote with a comment!

Me and my lovely daughters!
Still laugh when I think about it,
The Happy Handicap

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mom-ism Monday #8

How was your Monday? Mine was busy! 

Mom-ism Monday #8 comes from little 'ol me. I name my cars like they are part of the family, do you? My mother-in-law used to call her car a "Fliver". Steve tells me that was pretty popular in the '50's. Do you remember anyone referring to their car as a Fliver?

Lincoln Sedan
Meet Libby the Lincoln. She came to live with us in 2005, the same year she was born. She was pre-owned but almost new with only 6000 miles. I love how she handles, smooth ride, beautiful drive and just downright nice looking car. She acts up quite a bit. Sometimes I think she likes the auto mechanics shop more than her garage. Her air conditioning works but only when she's moving. We still love her.

How did we pick out her name? After scouring the baby car name books, we decided on Libby. Seriously though, we just ran through a bunch of "L" girl names and Libby stuck!

May I introduce Floyd? My 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. Every time I buy a vehicle they are discontinued. Not sure why? I enjoy Floyd. He is large enough but small enough. Nawh wat I mean? How did I name Floyd? The day I bought him, right in the paperwork, I saw the phrase "The Chrysler Pacifica fills a void between the SUV and van." Fills a void? His name had to be Floyd!

We have one more named vehicle in our family. My dad bought his 1980 Chevrolet Ton Dump truck for $800 about 10 years ago. She gets the job done but nothing to look at or ride in really. She has a double identity. Sometimes she's "Old Nell" and sometimes she's "Leaping Leaner". Why the difference? We call her Leaping Leaner when she's cold and jumpy. Her tires seem to lean to the right as we jump down the road in her. She is precious. Pics coming soon.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you show affection to your car/truck. Nothing weird though please.

Car crazy,
The Happy Handicap

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Relieve Sore, Tired, Achy Feet Overnight

Do you have SORE, TIRED, ACHY feet? 

Do you indulge in these?

High heels look amazing but boy do they hurt the toes. I can't even wear them with the feet I was blessed with.  I do, however, notice the pain on the faces of women carrying their high heels in their hands walking barefoot. Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! Are you guilty? 

Do you work in these?

At the end of a long grueling day all you want to do is take off your boots and put your feet up. What's that you say? You want your wife to massage your feet? Alrighty then!

Are you an accident waiting to happen like my daughter who recently stumped her toe on a pallet in our local grocery store? 

I have found the answer for sore, tired, achy feet. My prosthetics are comfy, made from silicone rubber but I suffer from the occasional sore foot.  Finally, a subject where I'm an expert!

Last summer I was so thankful to find this foot soothing ingredient in the gift store at Westminster Abbey nonetheless. I wouldn't have been able to walk the rest of our vacation in London and Paris without it!

WHAT IS IT? I'm glad you asked.

foot cure
A simple bottle of Lavender oil!

See Sloane's pinkie toe. She complained about her toe hurting every minute of every day until I advised her to douse her toe in lavender. Remember to apply at night and sleep while the lavender magic is working. The next day we shopped for six hours without one "my toe is killing me"! I asked her on the way home about her toe. She said "Wow! I've walked all day and it hasn't hurt. I forgot about it!"

Massage or rub in lavender oil all over your feet. Don't be afraid to turn the bottle over on your feet. I use several generous drops to cover my entire foot/feet when they hurt. Rub it in last thing before you go to bed. In the morning, no more sore, tired, achy feet! You can let them enjoy this ointment every night if your feet need it. I find that once I get my feet healed up I can stop using it until the next time I walk too much, wear uncomfortable shoes or stump a toe. 

Any brand will work wonders. I buy this one.
NOW Foods Lavender Oil, 2 ounce  

Have you ever tried lavender for sore, tired, achy feet? Leave me a comment and let me know how it works for you. By the way, I have to tell you I'm not a doctor. I'm not diagnosing or prescribing a cure. If your feet hurt too bad, call the pod doc.

Pain free,
The Happy Handicap

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mom-ism Monday #7


Today is Mother-in-law Momism Monday. My MIL Elizabeth or Lizzie was a character. She passed 17 years ago but I can still hear her saying some of the funniest and sometimes PG13 rated momisms. Her sense of humor was blunt yet contagious. You couldn't help but laugh with her. Her laugh started with a yodel and ended with a sigh. This post is in honor of what would have been her 91st birthday.

We placed this picture in memory of my in-laws at my daughters wedding:
She's beautiful and he's so handsome. Just a couple of good looking people. My father-in-law Claude lived to be 86 years young. He gave good advice.  I miss them.

Do you get hungry? Lizzie did! She had a ferocious appetite. When she got hungry, she would say...

I'm SO Hungry...

north end of a mule

 I'm so hungry I could eat the north end of a southbound mule!

That is hilariously hungry! Have you ever been THAT hungry? Leave me a comment and let me know. Have you ever heard this momism?

Feeling full (not hungry at all),
The Happy Handicap

Saturday, June 14, 2014

10 Tips for Living with Misophonia

The struggle is real especially for folks battling misophonia. I live with two misophonians! I learned how to thrive not just survive with my husband (of 28 years) and my daughter. Both have misophonia. Check out my previous post to learn more about our happy household by reading Fast and Easy Ways to Annoy People with Misophonia.

Below are 10 Tips for Living with Misophonia. These are our top 10. Yours may be different:

  • Accept the disorder is real. Quit thinking your loved one(s) are just being rude, spoiled or obnoxious.
  • Write down a list of triggers together. If you are just getting acquainted with the fact your loved one(s) has misophonia, knowing the triggers are very IMPORTANT!
  • Avoid known triggers at all costs. Memorize them if necessary.
  • Don't pressure your loved one(s) to attend social functions. Social interaction is especially annoying with all kinds of sounds and noises.
  • Be aware that your misophone is hearing repeated noises that you may hear but ignore. They cannot ignore the noise!
  • If you notice someone triggering your loved one, ask them "Have you met Miso?" You can introduce people to the disorder without embarrassing anyone using this lead-in. Most people are interested in knowing more about misophonia.
  • You are not a failure if you commit a trigger sending your misophone into orbit. Over time, you will learn to never trigger them. Their disorder will become secondhand to you, almost like you have the disorder yourself.
  • Consider misophonia while grocery shopping. Leave the crunchy, slurpy, noisy food on the shelf.
  • Hang in there. I have noticed my husband's miso has gotten better with age. He can control it better. He also gives us a hint if we are triggering him. He simply says "miso, miso, miso". We know to stop, inventory what we're doing related to repetitive sound and quit doing it.
  • Keep calm and remember "It's not you, it's them!". Living with someone with misophonia can be hurtful at times for either or both parties. True compassion is your best weapon against the noise monsters.
Leave me a comment with tips you've learned living with misophonia. Let's help each other.

The Happy Handicap

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Membership with Perks


Disney World is said to be "The Most Magical Place on Earth!" I agree. There's just something special about going to Disney World.

Do you dream of going to a place where dreams come true? A place that makes you feel like a child as soon as you walk through the gate. A place where you can see your favorite characters and shake their hands. You can sit by the water in the cool of a shade tree if you like and soak in the wonder. A place where even the plainest food seems like a gourmet meal. Finally, a place where you can experience the thrill ride over and over again. Does this describe Disney?

It's also a description of your local church! Church is a place where prayers come true. A place that makes you feel like you're a child of God. A place where you can see all kinds of characters and shake their hands. You can sit on a cushioned pew enjoying the coolness of the air conditioner while soaking in the wonder. You can eat on the spiritual food served here for days. Finally, church is a place where you can experience the ride of your life from earth to glory. Does this describe your church?

Disney Vacation Club has a slogan "Membership is magical." Membership is pricey too! I think the church should have a slogan that says "Membership is supernatural." Do you think that would make people want to buy in? Probably. I hope they're not disappointed when they find out church membership is free.

How many times have you been to Disney? Leave me a comment and let me know. Also, share with me if you have a church membership and where it is!

Member:  First Baptist Chatsworth,
The Happy Handicap

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Diaper Rash & Thrush: 2 Fast-working Natural Remedies

I may be a new Grandmom but I feel older and wiser. I used a few home remedies with my kids. Glad I have a second chance to use more with my granddaughter. Diaper rash creams most often contain zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is a harmless water insoluble powder that works well on baby's rash. But I've found a mixture of Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil works better. The recipe is so easy. Mix equal parts of Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil. Apply like any other diaper rash cream. Conveniently buy the ingredients now to help your little one be happy and healthy.

 My daughter and I used this recipe and it works! A few other things we did to promote fast healing are:
  • apply cream at bedtime and remove baby's diaper for the night. place a puppy pee pad underneath baby's bottom to soak up baby's water
  • make sure you let baby wear an absorbent, properly sized diaper. moving to a larger size diaper that is too big allows urine to stand on baby's skin which promotes diaper rash
  • be vigilant about changing baby as soon as he/she wets
  • clean baby's bottom with a regular washcloth instead of a chemically treated wipe
  • make sure baby's bottom is completely dry before applying mixture. this insures that no moisture is held on baby's delicate skin
Be sure to check your baby's mouth for thrush whenever diaper rash is present. Your baby can get thrush at any time but they usually go hand-in-hand. What is thrush? According to WebMD, thrush is a yeast infection that causes white patches in the mouth and on the tongue. Your doctor may prescribe an anti-fungal such as Nystatin. A good natural home remedy for thrush is Grapefruit Seed Extract. Mix 10 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract with 1 oz. distilled water. Moisten cotton swab with mixture and apply to inside of baby's mouth 3 to 4 times daily where thrush is visible. I have provided a link to buy Grapefruit Seed Extract if you don't have it in your cabinet. I didn't.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This blog is for informational purposes only and not meant to diagnosis or imply cure. If your baby has diaper rash or thrush, please consult your pediatrician.

Let me know how these recipes work for you and your baby. Leave me a comment.

Never too old to learn,
The Happy Handicap

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mom-ism Monday #6

My Mom, she's a pretty cool cat! She doesn't get upset easily, takes things in stride and prefers to listen more than talk.

Mom rarely jokes
but sometimes....
she can say the perfect thing
at just the right time!

Like the other day. Her great granddaughter was wailing. Yes, wailing! The sounds coming out of her mouth were more than a cry or wimper. Her face was red. She was visibly mad. No tears though. If she had been on the floor kicking her arms and legs up and down, you could have called it a temper tantrum. Finally, a break in the crying when Lisette looked up at my Mom. She stared her square in those baby blue eyes and calmly said....

After Lisette resumed her crying, I laughed at my Mom. Her dry delivery was priceless. "Do you have fever with that?" I thought it was hilarious. Lisette not so much! I guess I think it's so funny because she's asked me a time or two before.

Use it with someone you know, adult or child. They may think it's amusing. Or, maybe not! Think you'll do it? Leave me a comment and let me know. I've said it to my husband before....once.

Where's the thermometer?
The Happy Handicap

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

There's Something Wrong if you Fear your Daddy

Ah, the month of June! Sweet June reminds me of weddings, summers and Dads. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! A big shout out to my Dad, Clyde, my husband, Steve and my son-in-law, Trey! We've all heard the old saying "It takes more to be a Dad than just fathering a child." The saying is true for Dads and Moms. Procreation does not a good parent make.

I am thankful for my awesome Dad. I remember when I was young we would go to Woolworth's Department Store every Saturday. Dad would buy me a balloon on a stick. I'm not sure they even make them anymore. Getting me that balloon was our Saturday thing! We always ate dinner at Morrison's Cafeteria and then walked down the mall to buy my balloon. One week we walked down the mall and the store was closing. They wouldn't sell my Dad a balloon. He tried to get one but they refused. My heart was broken , not because I didn't get a balloon but because I still remember the sadness on my Dad's face and I was only five years old.  He knew how much I looked forward to my balloon and how much he enjoyed making me happy.

Our Heavenly Father is the same way. He enjoys making us happy. After all, he died to make us happy, to reconcile us to him in perfect love. The Bible says in I John 4:18 "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love." How is your relationship with your Father? Heavenly and Earthly?

This Father's Day would be a perfect time to make amends or just tell your Dad you love him. And Dads I have an idea. Why not make this "the" Father's Day to remember? I don't care how old your child them a balloon! I bet they'll never forget.

Please tell me a special time you and your Dad shared. Leave me a comment.

Balloons still make me happy,
The Happy Handicap