Friday, August 21, 2020

Practical Tips for Resolving 5 Common Self-Isolation Issues

Please welcome Guest Writer Emma Brown from to the blog today. During this very unusual year of social distancing and quarantine, she shares with us Practical tips for resolving 5 common self-isolation issues.  Thank you Emma for your contribution!

                                                                Photo Credit: Unsplash

Practical Tips for Resolving 5 Common Self-Isolation Issues

 We’re all under a lot of pressure these days. Uncertainties and restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic are at the heart of these added stresses and worries, but issues at home can also cause additional tension. From adapting to a remote work set up to dealing with distractions, here are a few solutions to some of the most common quarantine issues.


My Partner Is Hogging the Television 

Relaxing with your favorite shows can be a good way to unwind. If you have family at home constantly hogging the TV, those screen habits could be causing more tension than relaxation. If gaming is an issue, you could compromise with the guilty party by encouraging them to play games on a computer instead. You could even provide a gaming monitor (there are plenty of solid budget-friendly options if you’re struggling financially). You might also choose who gets to pick the programming for each night. One person takes Monday, another Wednesday, for example, and then plan one or two nights each week without the television. When all else fails, grab a controller, and play their favorite games with them.


My Kids Are Distracting Me from Work 

If you’re working from home for the first time, getting used to a remote office can be a major struggle. That’s especially true when you have kids at home who are causing distractions during work hours. Spouses can be distracting as well, even if they are also working from home, but there are a few strategies you can employ to keep yourself from feeling anxious and overwhelmed. First, if you just picked up gaming essentials for your partner or children, schedule their gaming time during your regular work hours to help keep them occupied. You can also find other kid-friendly activities to keep your little ones busy but you may need to rely on compromise and communication when dealing with a distracting partner or spouse.


My Boss is Asking for Constant Check-Ins 

Trust can be a huge issue when it comes to managing remote employees, and your boss’s requests for frequent check-ins may be a result of this lack of trust. It’s also helpful to remember that your boss is also adjusting to COVID-19 changes. While you can’t necessarily refuse those requests for check-ins, you can take action to reduce your boss’s anxieties and build trust with her/him while you are working from home. If your boss simply wants to be able to communicate with you in real-time, you can suggest using a chat app for your remote team instead of relying on emails and phone calls. While it may seem trivial, dressing professionally for video calls and team meetings can also help your coworkers and supervisors trust you when working remotely.


De-clutter and Clean 

Juggling work and children at home can be a challenge. To eliminate extra stress, enlist the whole family to help with organizing and de-cluttering your home. Once everything has a place and is in its place, you can avoid that nagging feeling of an overstuffed linen closet that’s been calling your name. Plus, all of that cleaning and de-cluttering can make your home a more inviting, positive space.


My Schedule Is Too Busy to Pick Up Essentials 

Even if you and your spouse are both working from home, finding time to get out and get groceries can feel like a major chore. In fact, working from home can keep you even busier than working in an office, especially when your kids are at home and childcare is not accessible. So, instead of stressing yourself out about shopping for essentials, which can put your family’s health at a greater risk anyhow, consider using delivery or pick-up services. With so many people staying at home, these services can be pretty busy, so you will need to plan your orders out in advance, and the savings in time and stress will be well worth any extra effort. Also, be sure to disinfect purchases, as needed, before putting them away to keep your family protected.

Don’t let struggles inside your home add to pressures that are coming from outside. Instead, find practical solutions to these issues so you can self-isolate in relative peace.