Friday, February 24, 2012

my crooked view of cleaning!

It's cleaning day! I write that as I am blowing all the air out of my lungs from desperation and exhaustion!  I have been cleaning the entire day.  I don't call myself a housewife because I'm not married to this house!  This house hasn't courted me, proposed to me or kissed me, so, I'm not really a housewife rather a housekeeper or maybe even a house slave!  I enjoy a clean house but I despise getting it to that state.  I've made myself a few rules to live by and wanted to share them with you.

1.  Don't sweep or vacuum everyday.  I take pride in my work and like to see results!  I get bigger and grander results if I only sweep or vacuum once a week.

2.  Don't dust everyday.  I have environmental allergies and it is my healthy theory that keeping a house too clean prevents my immune system from building antibodies.

3.  Only use dishwasher safe cookware.  I've come to the conclusion if it's not safe to put in the dishwasher, it must not be safe to cook in!

4.  Don't mop everyday.  I know hard surfaces are resilient but I'm not taking any chances on wearing mine out prematurely.  Besides, if you can't see the dirt, it's probably not dirty, right?

5.  Don't do laundry on rainy days.  If you do, you can't hang it out on the clothesline to dry which increases the electricity bill.  This rule has worked out pretty well for me in 2012, it's been extremely wet and my laundry days have been scarce.

6.  Don't clean the shower everyday.  Keeping a tight budget this year and looking for ways to make money, I came across a research project that pays 15 cents a pound for mold and mildew (that's more than tin cans).  It takes several days for it to grow so even though I'm allergic, me, mold and mildew are the 3 amigos!

7.  Don't clean the refrigerator everyday.  I'm hoping my experiments will get me a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory.  Sheldon is my hero!

8.  Recycle only on Thursdays.  I go around 2 pm every Thursday and there's no one else there!  It's easier for me to pick up items out of the "Free Stuff" pile without being seen.

9.  Don't ever move your husband's belongings anytime.  Ladies, this needs no explanation!

10.  Don't ever clean the upstairs.  Since me and Steve are practically empty-nesters, nobody goes up there anyway.

Now.....I have to clean more than it seems because I don't want Steve to think I'm just sitting at home all day doing nothing....that, would make me a house sitter!