Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Steve's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my best friend and husband, Steve!  He's 55 today! We've been married (26.5 years)almost half as long as he's been alive.  I wonder if he's calculated that up or looked at that in such a way?  On the other hand, I've been married to him longer than half my life at 48.  It's a happy day, let's talk about something else. lol

Steve and I have shared many good times together, bad times together and everything in between.  With the help of God, we have two beautiful daughters, Sydnee and Sloane and a beautiful home.  I bet your mind went to the house we live in made of white vinyl siding and brick.  But, I'm talking about the home you see in the picture below.

This home is a shared bond of love that keeps us warm when the cold winds blow, makes us feel safe to sleep at night, welcomes us with outstretched arms, is always waiting for our return and keeps a light on in the window of our hearts for each other to find our way.  Yep, I definitely love my husband and as one commenter said on Facebook, this picture represents "Total Happiness". 

I'm not a sentimental person or a hopeless romantic, must've slipped off there for a moment.  I made Steve some pretzel Rolo bites for his birthday to share with his co-workers.  I also put on my makeup today, on a Tuesday, so he wouldn't have to strain his aging eyes to see my beauty!

Truly yours,
The Happy Handicap

p.s.  If you haven't watched the video at the top lefthand of the screen, please do!