Saturday, December 7, 2013

The #1 Best Class Management Ever for a Substitute Teacher

I was nervous the day I walked into a high school to be a substitute for the very first time. I subbed for a health class which was a relief but I genuinely worried about the students harassing me. I arrived about 30 minutes early, acclimated myself to the classroom and began to pray.

Lord, please help me to manage these students with poise and grace without losing my cool and screaming, Amen! Do you ever pray honestly in everyday words? I DO! The holy strategy I received and wrote on the board is :
Yep! Simple as that, God told me to write "I am not a sub!" on the board. I thought "Is this really the #1 Best Class Management Ever for a Substitute Teacher?" I was amazed at the mesmerized looks on those kids faces when they walked into the room and read it. I immediately had their attention and their imaginations kept them occupied for a while. Some of them asked questions right off the bat, some of them made funny faces when they read it and some of them didn't even look my way.

When everyone was seated I gave my introduction. I explained that today I am simply Tammy Stafford. Please don't think of me as a substitute teacher. I suggested I was there to help them. We are equals today and on the same level. I don't know anything about this health lesson but I'm here to learn. I proved my commitment by reading the lesson and answering the questions that was their assignment for the day. I also made a deal that if they respected me and I them, we would review all the answers before the class dismissed. They seemed to like this plan.

My first experience as a sub for high school was a great success! Some students told me that was a clever trick to keep everyone quiet. They say a trick. I say the Trinity! I thanked God as I left the school that afternoon. He is so clever!

Do you pray when you sub or teach? Do you have any proven ways to manage a classroom for a sub? Leave me a comment. I'm anxious to get a few new tricks up my sleeve!

Subbing successfully sometimes,
The Happy Handicap

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  2. Hi Tammy, I am a sub as well and I do pray before and during class. I had a few disrespectful bunch one day and i decided I'd just stop the lesson and let them take over. The students there who were participating, got real upset and asked them loudly to be quiet or they're going to get the principal to cancel their field trip. After that, I could hear a pin drop and it remained that way upon until dismissal.

    1. Hello Quani, Thanks for stopping by and giving us subs another way to manage the classroom. Sounds like it works. I'll have to try it!

  3. Totally like your approach. "Guest teachers" are every bit as much a teacher as the person who shows up on a daily basis. If the plans are decent, there's a seating chart(s), and administrative support, there is no reason why learning has to be disrupted.

  4. I like the term Guest Teacher. I use that too.

  5. Such a cool idea :) I'm a successful sub in a big elementary school . . . When I walk into a new class, I tell them that " the cooler the class is, the cooler I am." Then I teach them "how to make sure I think that they are a cool class." Y'know, hands folded, backs straight, silence when I speak and good answers when it's their turn to speak . . . That gives me a class full of kids trying to make sure I think they're a "cool class" and I have awesome stories and games up my sleeve to give them a "cool sub" - and YES, I pray ALOT!!! :) Cuz, we can try and try, but it's up to G-d if we get out of the classroom alive or not LOL