Thursday, December 5, 2013

Super Easy Reese's Frosting Drizzle

super easy frosting

Do you ever have this problem?
You plan to take that certain dish to a get-together
mentally inventory your pantry for the ingredients
ah! yes! they're all there.
Later in the day when you actually begin to prepare the dish...
your pantry isn't as stocked as you imagined.
now you can't make the recipe you wanted
This very incident happened to me last weekend.
so like any good cook.....i improvised!

12 vanilla cupcakes were already baked 
they needed some prettiness on top
you really MUST have the prettiest dish at an outing
I had some leftover pink buttercream frosting in the fridge
buttercream frosting
 but it made me feel like Goldilocks 
'cause it was too cold to pipe and decorate with
setting it out of the fridge earlier 
would have made it JUST RIGHT!
then I saw these
 and had an idea...
miniature reese's
 I imagined
Super Easy Reese's Frosting Drizzle
I used
6-8 minature Reese's peanut butter cups
1 tbsp. of Crisco
Heat both ingredients in microwave on medium setting
until thin enough to drizzle (about 1-2 minutes)
The drizzle cools and harden beautifully!
Then I cut a miniature Reese's in half
to adorn the top of each cupcake
Be sure to place these before your drizzle
cools to keep them in place
just like glue!

I got my chocolate in my peanut butter
and my peanut butter in my chocolate!
Who remembers that ole commercial?
I also imagine you could do this super fast, super easy
meltdown with several of your favorite candies
Tis the season to meltdown a
York Peppermint Patty
Three Musketeer
any candy where the filling will melt!

Try it out and leave me a comment with what you imagined.
I know your creations will be 

Practicing chocolate wizardry,
The Happy Handicap

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