Monday, December 30, 2013

13 Things I Learned about Blogging in 2013

1. Health-related posts are the most popular subject on my blog. 

2. Pin it! Pinterest is my #1 traffic referrer.

3. I need a class on SEO.

4.  People like honest reviews about Pinterest Pins. Reviews save readers time & money.

5. My home decorating posts were not popular. Nevertheless I'm posting my 2013 kitchen remodel shortly.

6. Few people are searching for spiritual encouragement. My Wednesday posts are always spiritual.

7. Folks love recipes for pretty food.

8. It is challenging to engage people and keep them coming back.

9. Extremely difficult to make any extra money blogging.

10. Social media is a must! Don't discriminate networks; join them all.

11. Post every day! (I got serious this year and saw my page views go up from 200 per month to over 5000 views in September 2013 alone)

12. Consistency and knowing what your readers like are king!

13. More people than you might think don't like Elf on the Shelf including me!

Leave me a comment with some things you can add to 13 Things I Learned about Blogging in 2013.

A bit more educated,
The Happy Handicap

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