Saturday, July 21, 2012

Been there, surgically done that!

I've been thinking a lot in Sanibel and it seems writing a lot.  Creative energy is akin to exercise.  The more you exercise the more energized you get and the more you let your creativity spill out, it keeps flowing.  So, here' another blog post, mostly for women, I hope you enjoy it! Everywhere I go it seems like women are talking about menopause.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Untypical Tammy

Untypical Tammy is my new name, cause things around me have been a bit strange.  I didn't mean for this to come out in verse, but I guess it could have been worse?

It was like the night before vacation and all through the garage, we were packing the car with enough stuff to fill a barge.  Steve had everything neatly packed with shoes crammed into holes and beach towels folded in rolls.  I noticed the trunk of my car had been up for a while but I didn't question him for fear of his reply.  Men know what they're doing, even when they don't, I wish I had followed my intuition because the trunk light came back to haunt.  The next morning when we started to leave, the car didn't want to go, turning the ignition the battery said "Oh no, no, no"!  Steve searched for the battery and it could not be found, the owner's manual showed him the spot and the look on his face was profound!  Unpacking and repacking, the battery is in the trunk, Steve could have kicked himself and I wondered why I kept my mouth shut. It's so Untypical Tammy.

Sloane and I were walking the dunes, on our way to the beach, we couldn't get there too soon.  Our day was planned, sunbathers we'd be, but the path was exhausting and sweat started to bead.  We would lay on our towels and be happy with that until Sloane spotted a chair and umbrella stashed on the dune, we discussed borrowing it for our afternoon. "It'll be okay" was Sloane's tune!  She continued to bribe me with her bravery, "If the owner's come after us, leave everything to me.  I'll do the talking, wait and see".  Steve couldn't believe the audacity of our actions, I looked at Sloane for help and she acted like I was the one who snatched it.  The next thing I knew a lady was approaching and I begged Sloane to get out of the water and  explain our poaching.  "You've got our stuff" shockingly she exclaimed, "We carried them down for you" sweetly I explained.  I'm still marveling why I agreed to take them, embarrassed and shamed.  I learned a lesson and Sloane is to blame.  It's so Untypical Tammy.

I feel Bewitched speaking in rhymes, Dr. Bombay could cure me and wouldn't charge a dime.   Sloane suffered a kidney stone and Hermy's been puking, Steve meet an ex-CIA agent and I'm worried about enemy nuking.  The days seem long with the sun always high, but Florida is nice and I'm looking to buy.  I'll need some privacy for my tanning though because everyone doesn't understand my silicone toes.  It's so Untypical Tammy.

Writing lines and killing time,
The Happy Handicap


Thursday, July 12, 2012

florida fried Steve

Do you remember the old commercial, I think it was for Solarcaine to stop sunburn pain?  There was a little girl in the commercial that was sunburned and extremely red.  She said "I got a sunburn and I feel like a french fry"!  Some commercials just never purge from your memory.  Steve and I stayed on the beach for 3 hours yesterday.  I was the smart one and put on sunscreen and Steve was the one who said "Nah, I'll be OK".  Guess what?  Better still, I'll just show you.  Take a look at his red feet.
Needless to say, it has been an indoors day for both of us.  I didn't get too red but I got enough sun to enjoy one day inside.  Hermy stayed with us at the beach yesterday, barking at birds and digging in the sand.  He is also lounging around today and even though he had a fur coat on, I'm wondering if his skin isn't a bit touchy.  I love to pick him up and hold him in my lap like a baby.  This morning when I did that, Steve said "Tammy, when the dog keeps shrinking down like that every time you touch him, I think it means he'd rather not be held".  I pondered that for a minute and then thought, "He's not snapping at me or giving me his friendly disgusted low growl, so I'm thinking he stills wants his mommy to hold him".  Check Hermy out at the beach with us yesterday.

The events in Sanibel the few days have been rather normal.  It was kinda sad when the kids and my Mom left, leaving Steve and I all alone in this big house.  It's funny how you get used to the kids being gone but you never really get used to them being back. lol  I didn't want to see them leave but I did want to get this house back in order which I did immediately after they left!  When Sloane comes home from college for the summer, I just put my cleaning duties to the back of the burner because I know that when I remove the dishes from the den, they'll be right back before the end of the day or if I take her clothes to her room upstairs so I can see the top of my dryer, it will be invisible again by the end of the day.  I'm sure you have the same turmoil.  I would take a messy house full of my kids and their love any day over a clean house lifeless and loveless!

Steve did see an egret bird swallowing a snake on his morning stroll with Hermy.  We also saw one other unusual thing.  Take a look at the pic below.  We hope we don't end up like this guy.  It may be a little hard to see but it's a frog that may have been challenged by his friends to "step on the cracks break your mommas back".  I'm not sure if the air from the heat pump froze him stiff or if he panicked himself frozen stiff.  It's puzzling exactly how he got here and how he stays!
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Taking cover,
The Happy Handicap

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Am who I Am

Last week while shopping in Ingles, I was greeted by the manager of the store, Ken McCoin.  Ken is always so kind and polite.  He makes me enjoy shopping at Ingles and he makes Sloane happy to work for Ingles.  I hope Ken doesn't mind me retelling his story.

Ken broke a tooth, right in front!  He shared with me how hard it was to go around the store and talk to people trying to hide a broken tooth.  Then, he remembered reading my book, Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God and he said it gave him inspiration to smile openly and not be ashamed of his broken tooth.  He said to me "I am who I am".   His tooth story made me smile inwardly for the next few days.

We arrived at Sanibel Island on Saturday, June 30th.  Now...I don't like the beach for several reasons:
  1. I hate sand (it never lets go)
  2. The ocean scares me (it goes on forever)
  3. It's difficult to walk in sand (it tires my feet)
  4. People stare at me (I have to wear my prosthetics)
  5. I am not a sunbather.
As I was sitting on the beach, I looked down at my shoes and socks and thought of the pics that women post on facebook of their feet at the beach.  I decided to take my own. 

Cool pair of shoes, huh?  As I was taking this picture, Ken's story inspired me!  I am who I and socks on the beach and all! This made me smile outwardly.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!  Happy Independence Day!  I'm going to look at my independence in a different way this year.  Independent of everyone else, God made me uniquely me.

Shoed, Socked and Beached,
The Happy Handicap