Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Am who I Am

Last week while shopping in Ingles, I was greeted by the manager of the store, Ken McCoin.  Ken is always so kind and polite.  He makes me enjoy shopping at Ingles and he makes Sloane happy to work for Ingles.  I hope Ken doesn't mind me retelling his story.

Ken broke a tooth, right in front!  He shared with me how hard it was to go around the store and talk to people trying to hide a broken tooth.  Then, he remembered reading my book, Labeled by Humanity, Loved by God and he said it gave him inspiration to smile openly and not be ashamed of his broken tooth.  He said to me "I am who I am".   His tooth story made me smile inwardly for the next few days.

We arrived at Sanibel Island on Saturday, June 30th.  Now...I don't like the beach for several reasons:
  1. I hate sand (it never lets go)
  2. The ocean scares me (it goes on forever)
  3. It's difficult to walk in sand (it tires my feet)
  4. People stare at me (I have to wear my prosthetics)
  5. I am not a sunbather.
As I was sitting on the beach, I looked down at my shoes and socks and thought of the pics that women post on facebook of their feet at the beach.  I decided to take my own. 

Cool pair of shoes, huh?  As I was taking this picture, Ken's story inspired me!  I am who I am.....shoes and socks on the beach and all! This made me smile outwardly.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!  Happy Independence Day!  I'm going to look at my independence in a different way this year.  Independent of everyone else, God made me uniquely me.

Shoed, Socked and Beached,
The Happy Handicap


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