Friday, July 20, 2012

Untypical Tammy

Untypical Tammy is my new name, cause things around me have been a bit strange.  I didn't mean for this to come out in verse, but I guess it could have been worse?

It was like the night before vacation and all through the garage, we were packing the car with enough stuff to fill a barge.  Steve had everything neatly packed with shoes crammed into holes and beach towels folded in rolls.  I noticed the trunk of my car had been up for a while but I didn't question him for fear of his reply.  Men know what they're doing, even when they don't, I wish I had followed my intuition because the trunk light came back to haunt.  The next morning when we started to leave, the car didn't want to go, turning the ignition the battery said "Oh no, no, no"!  Steve searched for the battery and it could not be found, the owner's manual showed him the spot and the look on his face was profound!  Unpacking and repacking, the battery is in the trunk, Steve could have kicked himself and I wondered why I kept my mouth shut. It's so Untypical Tammy.

Sloane and I were walking the dunes, on our way to the beach, we couldn't get there too soon.  Our day was planned, sunbathers we'd be, but the path was exhausting and sweat started to bead.  We would lay on our towels and be happy with that until Sloane spotted a chair and umbrella stashed on the dune, we discussed borrowing it for our afternoon. "It'll be okay" was Sloane's tune!  She continued to bribe me with her bravery, "If the owner's come after us, leave everything to me.  I'll do the talking, wait and see".  Steve couldn't believe the audacity of our actions, I looked at Sloane for help and she acted like I was the one who snatched it.  The next thing I knew a lady was approaching and I begged Sloane to get out of the water and  explain our poaching.  "You've got our stuff" shockingly she exclaimed, "We carried them down for you" sweetly I explained.  I'm still marveling why I agreed to take them, embarrassed and shamed.  I learned a lesson and Sloane is to blame.  It's so Untypical Tammy.

I feel Bewitched speaking in rhymes, Dr. Bombay could cure me and wouldn't charge a dime.   Sloane suffered a kidney stone and Hermy's been puking, Steve meet an ex-CIA agent and I'm worried about enemy nuking.  The days seem long with the sun always high, but Florida is nice and I'm looking to buy.  I'll need some privacy for my tanning though because everyone doesn't understand my silicone toes.  It's so Untypical Tammy.

Writing lines and killing time,
The Happy Handicap


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