Friday, March 20, 2020

How Corona Virus Helped Me Understand My Parents

The picture above is my Mom, Juanita, age 79. Her birthday is just ten days away and she'll be the BIG 80! Happy Birthday Mom! My dad Clyde, beside her, is 82. Those beautiful little ladies are two of their three great-grandchildren, Lisette (l) and Milisende (r). My parents, born in 1940 and 1937 respectively, were reared by parental by-products of the Great Depression. I'm 56 years old. I didn't live the childhood they experienced and probably neither did you. I've never lived through a Pandemic either. While trying to stay socially distanced from everyone because my husband is high-risk, I had an epiphany of how Corona Virus helped me understand my parents.

I understand why my parents don't waste anything.

My Mom always says to me "Tammy, I could live on what you waste". In my mind, I don't waste THAT much money. She is referring to my behavior not aligning with hers.

She shops the grocery sale papers. I walk in and buy groceries.
She saves everything. I throw stuff out.
She is not an impulse buyer. I am.

My parents have fared well leveraging my mom's budgetary bones and my dad's side hustle of selling and trading. My dad's 5th grade education has not stopped him from making good life decisions concerning money.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Corona Virus is not my First Scare of 2020

Corona Virus (COVid-19) is not my first scare of 2020. The deadly virus seems pale in comparison to aiding my 34-week pregnant daughter during her horrifically scary placental abruption and subsequent birth (Please stay tuned for the video). Corona also seems very distant compared to the recent phone call I received from the Murray County Hospitalist explaining my husband needed a transfer to an intensive care unit capable of intubation and his subsequent six night hospital stay at Emory.

Amid the panic and public outcry over COVid-19, my heart is still rooted in the faith that brought me through the first two months of this new year, and the last