Saturday, April 22, 2023

Is the Church a Hospital for Sinners?

church is for sinners

We say this…

But is it true?

Our Attire: Patients are clothed in the same gown in the hospital. We wear our “Sunday best” to church.

Our Appearance: Patients openly hurt in the hospital and cry out for help. We hide our pain in church, silent as church mice. We’re there so we’ve got to be good, right?

Our Actions: Patients seek medicine and help at the hospital. We seemingly don’t seek or welcome our remedy Jesus in church.

Our Attitude: Patients are glad to lie in a bed in the hospital for healing. We neglect laying our all on the altar in church.

Our Attendance: Do we receive as much healing at church once a week as we do during a hospital stay in one admittance?

Our Atmosphere: There’s a huge difference in a hospital and a church.

Let’s quit thinking this, saying this and do something about this!

Our Allelujah,