The Duty of Church

Saturday, July 13, 2013

great church of london

Why do you attend church? Because your parents taught you to go? Because it makes you an upstanding citizen? Because it's the "right" thing to do? Do we truly understand church or just go out of duty? I was blessed to spend the last seven days in London and Paris. I visited some of the most renown churches in the world; Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral and Notre Dame. The reverence of the people in these churches were moving. My group enjoyed communion at Westminster. It WAS the highlight of the entire trip for me!

 I chose to light a candle in all of these churches and pray for my needs and the needs of my family. The culture I was reared in probably doesn't believe in lighting candles. I'm hoping it's because they don't understand it's importance in the Catholic faith. This is an excerpt explaining the event; "In the lighting of candles we remember and truly live the words of Our Lord: "I am the Light of the World." In the lighting of candles we not only pray, but our prayers become smaller symbols of the One Life of Christ." So I ask, why wouldn't I want to light a candle?

 I think we too often forget God desires our selfless sacrifice to him. Redemption is not a boastful state. It is a humble, giving, sacrificial way to the heart of God. It is being the heart of God in human form. How many times have you attended church in the last month or year out of duty? How many times have you bowed on your knees before God (maybe not even in a church building) and soaked in his glory with selfless surrender? I believe lighting a candle in the presence of our fellow man shows our commitment to Christ and belief in his absolute power. The lighting of candles is an offering to God. What are your thoughts? and more importantly, what have you offered God lately?

Loving "The Light",
The Happy Handicap

Leave me a comment with your thoughts about going to church out of duty.


  1. If you are going out of duty you are missing such blessings God can give you. I enjoy going to church especially when I am close to Him.
    I have thought about the lighting of candles I think it would be nice.

    1. I agree Shirlene! I enjoy church too. I think lighting candles are a beautiful expression of faith. We have a candlelight Christmas Eve service at First Baptist and it is so special. I can't wait for it every year!!! You should come and enjoy it with us.