Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Top 10 Things I Learned in London

First of all, I don't purpose vacations to learn. But, if you travel to a foreign country and don't bloody learn something, you're pretty sad! Here's my top 10 list from London:

1.  I've been on many riverfront tours and stood on many wharfs; Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, New York etc. and maybe this just got by me or maybe Americans just don't know it. WHARF is an acronym for WareHouse At RiverFront! Who knew? Did you?

2. I've navigated a lot of subway systems in the U.S. but I have never stood beside so many tall men as in the tubes of London. I mean my breast to his butt cheek! One time it was almost cheek to cheek! I learned quickly how to stand to the outside of the train facing the window or grab the first seat available.
3. My girls and I love clotted cream! Sure, clotted cream sounds like milk that has set in the sun too long but it is this light, creamy, slightly sweet smear of heaven on an English scone. Sydnee has already snagged a recipe from Google.

4.  God's Presence is real in Westminster Abbey! Approaching the High Altar in the nave (a new word for your vocabulary), I got cold chills up and down my entire body! No, the priest wasn't hot or I didn't have a random cold shiver. God was there! I felt his presence. We were blessed to be in the church at noon to take communion. The priest placed Christ's body as a small piece of bread in our outstretched hands as we bowed at the altar. Then we received his blood from another priest. The priest served everyone a small amount of REAL WINE from the same cup. My best experience of the entire trip!

5. I cannot afford to buy anything in Harrod's Department Store!

6. Covent Garden is not a garden at all. It's an English cultural experience. You will find markets, restaurants, live entertainment and more at the Garden. We saw a man performing a comedy act in a tutu. I knew my unmarried aunt was either desperate or delirious when she said "He's got pretty legs!" My camera battery was dead or you could judge for yourself!

7. English toilet paper is thick. I didn't separate a sheet and count but I'd venture to say it's at least 6 to 8 ply. I wasn't inclined to ask why it's so thick so I'll never know. You would think thick toilet paper would be a pleasing experience but it was like trying to cram a paper towel up your nose. Ever done that?

8. The London Eye isn't scary even if you are afraid of heights. You can stand up or sit down on your ride moving at a snail's pace while experiencing breathtaking views. Well worth the 19.20 pounds it cost to enjoy one trip around.

9. The Brits fish 'n chips ain't cool! They're cooked with the skin on the fish, quite tasty, but my defunct American taste likes Long John Silvers better. However, the pubs you eat the fish in are super cool! They have "coves", basement-like structures with low ceilings and cozy rooms. The one below is where we ate our fish 'n chips.

10. Did you know the bridge that everyone thinks is the London Bridge is not? It's Tower Bridge. I learned the original London Bridge resides in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Below is a pic of Tower Bridge.

London is a welcoming eclectic city with varying architecture and thousands of years of history. People are friendly, it's easy to communicate and the weather is nice in summer.

Schooled London style,
The Happy Handicap

Leave me some comment love. You probably know some things about London you can share with me!


  1. Pretty interesting. But, I am jealous. LOL

    1. It was an awesome trip! I'll let you be jealous! lol

  2. why did'nt you show a picture of the London eye.

    1. I showed it on the blog post prior to this one. Did you see it?