Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ah Paris, the City of ....."Firsts"!

I'm not a greenhorn when it comes to travel. But, I must say, Paris showed me things I'd never seen before. The three days we spent in Paris was filled with a lot of "first" time experiences, starting with:

Sloane got stung by a bee. There we were, standing on an island in the middle of the streets of Paris when Sloane starting yelling "I got stung by a bee!"

Our tour guide was giving us directions and in his British accent said "That's terrible! I've never had anyone get stung on a tour before!" And then, he started laughing which cracked us all up. I said "Are you laughing?" He said "I don't mean to." "It sounds like you are" I pointed out. "Oh dear!" he said. The more he spoke and tried to clear things up his accent made things funnier!

Meanwhile, Sloane's face was turning red, her thigh was hurting and the stinger was still in her leggings. She's always apprehensive about EVERYTHING and images of having a severe allergic reaction in a foreign country whirled through her mind.

I'm happy to report she removed the stinger and no allergic reaction ensued. She's so anal she carried a first aid kit  with her on this trip which...she used!

We spent Syd's 25th birthday in the "Happiest Place on Earth" Disneyland Paris! The weather was nice and the lines were virtually non-existent. The travel time from Paris to Disneyland is 45 minutes on the Metro. Our tour director was leery of such a long commute but we're from the country, what's 30 miles? We drive that far for groceries.

About 15 minutes into the return trip, our train stops and the driver starts yelling "Everyone off, everyone off!" We are all looking around, puzzled. I noticed another train operator who smiled at me and I asked what was going on. A man threw himself in front of a train in Paris which had closed the entire subway line we were on. "First" number two!

A minor setback for getting back to the city but after some sign language, purchasing some cherries from a street vendor and praying for a taxi driver who was not a mass murderer, we arrived safely back at the Eiffel Tower in time to take a leisurely boat ride on the Seine River. Catastrophe averted!

3. We saw real live boobies! Now, of course I've seen my own and maybe some on TV but I've never seen women dancing around with their booby nipples eyeing me! The show was good, the costumes very colorful and tasteful (they wore tops some of the time). If you want to see some of the same boobies, google it! Search for "La Nouvelle Eve" images. I think the star of the show is a she-male!

4.  Disneyland Paris makes women primp! First time to see this! Lipsticks ready, aim, paint!

5. Soap Heaven! French soap too! My first time to purchase soap on the street...

6.  First time I've ever seen my aunt take a picture with her tongue licking out. Kind of reminds me of one of her Santa Gertrudis cows! lol

7. First authentic French crepe on a paper plate! Banana Nutella, yummy!

8. I enjoyed the Paris City Tour from dreamland.

Singing a foreign "Foreigner" song,
Feels like the first time,
The Happy Handicap

Leave me a comment and let me know what you've done for the first time lately! :)


  1. Can't think of any right now.
    Enjoyed the funny pictures especially Sloan. At first I thought it was you. Juanita puts her lip stick on like I do no mirror, practice makes perfect.

    1. I wish I was as small as Sloane! We had a fun time. Linda will probably kill me if she ever sees that picture! I'm still shocked all 4 of those golden girls put on their lipstick at the same time...too funny!

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  3. I am so jealous you went to Disneyland! I lived in Paris for 8 months and didn't go to Disneyland, I know, I'm a fool. I plan to go back for a trip in September and do it then.

    As for the British guy, I am British too and I find all I have to do is speak and Americans find me hilarious. Lol. It certainly makes making friends easy for me :P

    1. Kate,

      I'm so glad you said you are jealous! People (my own husband) thought I was crazy for wanting to go to Disneyland Paris, but I loved it! I'm glad you have the opportunity to go!

      That's too funny about Americans finding a British accent hilarious. I really didn't notice until the bee sting incident and it was pretty funny! The more serious he became, the funnier it was. He was an excellent guide too btw, very friendly and sincere! We loved London!!! Everyone was super friendly.