The Best Natural Anti-Nausea Relief Ever...

Friday, February 28, 2014

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is not medical advice.
 Last week my family suffered the most horrendous stomach flu known to man! Our 3-month old granddaughter got it first, then her mom, then me, then my husband, then my son-in-law, then my mom and finally my dad. The only person in our immediate family that didn't get it was my other daughter, my dachshund who looks like a sweet sleeping prince and my grand-dog who reminds me
of a mafia member called Tiny.


I was so nauseous I couldn't move. Miserable does not begin to describe the feeling. At one point I kept thinking even the devil doesn't deserve to feel this badly! Well...maybe he does but you get the idea. I would not want ANYONE to have this virus. And, did I mention it lasts for seven days? Luckily it's quick in infants and the baby only had it for four hours.

We took Phenergan like Tylenol, still no relief from the constant churning and grinding of upset stomach. Oh the waves of saliva gushing into my mouth running to the commode to explode! On day three when I finally woke up from the a Phenergan-induced coma thinking I might pull through this, I scoured the internet for a natural anti-nausea remedy. I found it!

The common relief agent you pass every week at the grocery store is amazing! I felt my nausea fade almost instantly. Since I was on day 3, I thought it might be a fluke. My daughter came down with the stomach virus nine days later. This was a stroke of luck because now I could put this natural anti-nausea relief to the test! Just kidding. I was sick that she was sick! :(  I did get her to take the remedy on day 1 of her misery. It helped her nausea almost immediately and seemed to shorten the duration of the virus! What is this amazing natural anti-nausea relief that works for upset stomach including morning sickness?
Bananas have so many benefits. Here are just a few:
I also used the banana peel to remove a nasty seed wart from daughter #2. The doctor burned the wart two times and it came back. I read about banana for removing seed warts. The wart has been gone for 11 years now. You've really got nothing to lose by trying banana and so much to gain!

Please leave me a comment to let me know how bananas have improved your life.

A-peeling to you for the sake of a banana,
The Happy Handicap


  1. Bananas, really? My mom is always so nauseated and she eats bananas every day. I heard ginger was good for this, but it hasn't helped either.

    1. Sandy, So sorry bananas don't help your mom. Ginger is supposed to help nausea but it never works for me. Do you have an acupuncture clinic close by? Acupuncture might help! Hope she gets better soon.