Wednesday, February 5, 2014

5 Excellent Ways to act like a Child

mark 10:15

I'm blessed to keep my granddaughter weekdays. She's a picture of how deep the Father's love is for us. She's just fallen asleep on my chest as I'm writing this. Tears well in my eyes when I look at her. It's amazing to think how much more God
loves us than we can ever love him. If you have children, you understand. We love the children we helped create and God created us all.
Lisette brings to my memory Mark 10:15 "Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein." How does a little child receive the kingdom of God? The exact same way that Lisette and I interact every day.  The "little child" model looks like this:

  • She trusts me to feed, clothe and protect her without question. Do we trust God this much or rely on our own vices?
  • She accepts what I offer her. Do we accept what God has for us or complain nothing is ever right?
  • She cries out to me when she needs me. Do we cry out to God often or try to help ourselves?
  • She is satisfied with what I give her. Is God enough or are we always looking for something else?
  • She rewards me with a smile. Do we praise God for his goodness or let it go unnoticed?
The one thing Lisette does that impresses me the most, relating to the "little child" model, is she really doesn't like her pacifier. I love her face when you stick it in her mouth like she's sucked on a sour persimmon. From birth, instinctively babies know the difference in a bottle and a pacifier. She doesn't want a fake bottle with nothing in it. She's not happy with it. A pacifier doesn't give her what she needs. no substance at all.  Do you have a pacifier you've been sucking for years? Are you  satisfied yet? You'll never be happy with it. It will never give you what you need. Throw away that paccie, come as a little child, enter in and drink from a real Cup.

Being childish,
The Happy Handicap

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