Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kids Do Say The Smartest Things!

Lisette Epperson is my granddaughter. My only grandchild currently. I have the blessed priviledge of keeping here during the week. I was a working mom when both my daughters grew up. I changed my mind about women in the workplace long before "Sette" was born but after being Granmom to her daily for the past two years, I so wish I could have spent this much time with my own kids. Anyway, I digress. Kids do say the smartest things. I'm blogging these to keep a personal record of some of the stuff my Sette says.

See our bucket heads in the pic? Lisette saw her bucket immediately putting it on her head calling it a hat. I said "I need a pic." She said "Let me take your picture." I gave her a quick lesson in iPhone photography and my picture above was her 5th attempt. I got cracked up watching her position me in the phone screen! Not a bad job. Her hand to eye coordination is amazing at 26 months.

This Winnie the Pooh picture hangs in what used to be my kids bathroom. I've always loved the picture too much to take it down. Lisette studied it for the longest yesterday before turning to me saying "Winnie the Pooh, Granmom!" I replied "Yes, Sette, it is Winnie the Pooh. Say hey to him." I waited for her to wave or say hey in her sweet baby voice but nothing. "Aren't you going to tell him hey?" I asked. Standing to the left of the picture looking concerned she said "He's not wooking at me!" Astounded, I had to agree.

My mom's favorite pasttime is arguing with Lisette. I usually ask mom not to argue when she does but yesterday, I was driving failing to catch the conversation in time to prevent a small argument. Lisette decided to stop it by saying to my mom, "Don't aggravate me!"

Enjoying every minute,
The Happy Handicap (or Granmom)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Pink and Black Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Lisette turned "two"odles recently! The theme of her celebration was a pink and black Minnie Mouse Birthday Party. Here's what we did and you can too...

MOUSE EAR CUPCAKES. The polka dot liners came from eBay. The black fondant was purchased on Amazon. I used a bottle lid to cut the rolled fondant into a round disk for ears. The bows were bought pre-made at JoAnns. Be sure to dry your fondant ears by laying them out on wax paper so they will stand up on the cupcake. Wait until the cupcakes are almost ready to serve before inserting the ears into the cake. If you don't, the ears will absorb the moisture from the cake and the frosting and become limp so they won't stand up. (Trust me! I experienced this firsthand.)

LOLLIPOP PARTY FAVORS. Pink and White Swirl Lollipops were bought from candywarehouse.com. The sticker pattern was bought and downloaded from ETSY. I printed them on label paper, cut them out and stuck them to the pre-wrapped lollipop and arranged them in a white and black letter box with some pink tissue paper, all I had on hand. They were a nice decoration for the table and the kids (and adults) loved them!

THE FOOD. We served a good mix of sweet and salty. The party was at 3 pm which is a good "snack" time. No need to serve sandwiches because it's just after lunch and before dinner. Potato chips with dip, Pretzels drizzled with white chocolate. Mix pink food coloring with white chocolate for the pink chocolate. Fruit with "pink" dip. Mix one 8 ounce container of strawberry cream cheese with one 7 ounce container of marshmallow creme.  Keep it simple and serve water to drink. We also made the birthday girl a LARGE cupcake of her own!

THE TABLE. Lisette's Mom arranged the streamers over the table. The polka dot balloons were ordered on Amazon. A local florist filled the balloons with helium for 60 cents each. My Mom and I made the birthday name banner. We will design a custom one for your birthday here
The LARGE Minnie Mouse Lisette received as a present just hours before the party proved to be the "piece de resistance" as the table centerpiece! Minnie fit perfectly into Lisette's rocking chair.
THE FUN TOUCH. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ear Headbands purchased on Amazon! We all had fun wearing them. Lisette's birthday was in November. We visited the Magic Kingdom in December and wore our ears!
Fun, inexpensive party! Oh and I embroidered Lisette's birthday shirt that said "She's Twoodles!" Her Mom paired it with a pair of black and silver polka dot leggings. Cute, cute! Check out Lisette's Easy and Inexpensive Frist Strawberry Birthday Party too!

Please leave a comment with your inexpensive pink and black Minnie Mouse Birthday Party ideas. Everyone would love to know!

The Happy Handicap

Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Am Still Beautiful

breast cancer

I've known Shaan Hawkins since she was born. I watched her grow up in the same church as my children, sing in the same children's choir and attend the same high school. I never really understood the depth of the statement until October 2013 when I learned Shaan was scheduled for a double mastectomy due to aggressive breast cancer. The news was hard to grasp. Shaan at 27 was just two years older than my eldest daughter. 

On that evening in 2013, I reflected on a song from her childhood. I remembered her singing. "He's my rock, my sword, my shield, he's the hub in the middle of the wheel. He's the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star. I don't care what people say. I'm gonna get on my knees and pray and I'm gonna wait, wait right here till my Jesus comes." My heart broke and I prayed.

Shaan had just given birth to her second child when she was diagnosed. I couldn't start to imagine the fear, the questions or the tears of her family, husband or herself. I've followed Shaan's story for 2+ years now. She's been through so much never losing her smile and sense of humor or desire to help others. Please refer to her video in the right sidebar to watch and hear her story of survival as told to a group in Orlando, FL. I know you'll agree with me. Shaan is a jewel! Her life hasn't been overshadowed by breast cancer but instead has been illuminated by courage and strength. I encourage you to support her fight for life by giving to her breast cancer fund. You can also read more of her story and receive updates of her ongoing journey by clicking the link.

SURVIVOR! Oh, so sweet! Shaan Hawkins, you can always say "I am still beautiful!", because you are!

Admiring Survivors,
The Happy Handicap