Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kids Do Say The Smartest Things!

Lisette Epperson is my granddaughter. My only grandchild currently. I have the blessed priviledge of keeping here during the week. I was a working mom when both my daughters grew up. I changed my mind about women in the workplace long before "Sette" was born but after being Granmom to her daily for the past two years, I so wish I could have spent this much time with my own kids. Anyway, I digress. Kids do say the smartest things. I'm blogging these to keep a personal record of some of the stuff my Sette says.

See our bucket heads in the pic? Lisette saw her bucket immediately putting it on her head calling it a hat. I said "I need a pic." She said "Let me take your picture." I gave her a quick lesson in iPhone photography and my picture above was her 5th attempt. I got cracked up watching her position me in the phone screen! Not a bad job. Her hand to eye coordination is amazing at 26 months.

This Winnie the Pooh picture hangs in what used to be my kids bathroom. I've always loved the picture too much to take it down. Lisette studied it for the longest yesterday before turning to me saying "Winnie the Pooh, Granmom!" I replied "Yes, Sette, it is Winnie the Pooh. Say hey to him." I waited for her to wave or say hey in her sweet baby voice but nothing. "Aren't you going to tell him hey?" I asked. Standing to the left of the picture looking concerned she said "He's not wooking at me!" Astounded, I had to agree.

My mom's favorite pasttime is arguing with Lisette. I usually ask mom not to argue when she does but yesterday, I was driving failing to catch the conversation in time to prevent a small argument. Lisette decided to stop it by saying to my mom, "Don't aggravate me!"

Enjoying every minute,
The Happy Handicap (or Granmom)

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