Saturday, January 19, 2019

It's Not the Brownies Fault

Ladies and I started a new journey the first week of this new year. We join together each week to share victories and sometimes defeats reading a 40-day devotional book "Eating with the King".  The objective is to allow God's Holy Spirit to guide and control our eating.  It's not the brownies fault!

The first thing that jumped out at me from the book is "Food is not our foe". Ok. That's right. I can get on-board with that. It's the way I treat food that makes me overweight. I've got this. Me and Jesus are buds and he's gonna help me get skinny! Fast-forward to Day Six entitled "What Kind of Sorry Are We?" Since reading this small yet powerful devotion, I've been like Eeyore.
Yes, this has been me this week!
What toppled my world so dramatically? This simple little sentence from the book. I don't ever remember a time that I would have chosen water over a good ole glass of sweet tea--the sweeter the better, or a classic Coca-Cola. Then the next powerful sentence read...I heard once, a way to recognize if something was an idol in your life was to ask yourself this question. "Can I give it up?" Could I? I don't want to! When I think about food, I always daydream about the drink. I have certain sugary beverages I drink with every meal. Let me paint the picture completely. I WON'T eat the meal without I have my drink of choice! I CANNOT eat a hamburger and fries without a Coke or Diet Coke. Sunday Dinner without tea? I don't think so.

Here's another kicker for me. I rarely ever get thirsty. So this person writing this book is telling me to drink water (which I don't like) and not drink any tea or Coke because I idolize them? The nerve! Turned the page in the book and with one verse of scripture, the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sugary drink idolatry. Oh! Ouch! So painful. So insightful. So annoying. So Sweet Jesus please forgive me.

I've done fairly well since Monday. I'm beginning Day 5 with water as my main drink of choice. I've had one glass of Sweet n Low-laden tea and one glass of sweet tea and zero soft drinks. I passed a Coke truck yesterday and turned my head to avoid the seductive ice cold glass of Coke on the side of the truck with fabulous fizzy bubbles rising from the ice. I tried not to notice the beads of water on the outside of the glass reminding me of a beautiful hot sunny day with a refreshing ice cold Coke! Is there anything better?

Yes. There is something better than Coke! If I find myself dreaming of Coke or tea, conjuring up the flavors in my mind, desiring to go fill a glass with a Coke and a smile, I ask God to inscribe his powerful Word on the tables of my heart so that I may never forget:

Whosoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. John 4:14

Be watered and well 365,