Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trunk or Treat Idea: Alice in Wonderland

We're All MAD Here!

the mad hatter
Alice, The Queen of Hearts and The Mad Hatter
My daughter and I decided to decorate a trunk this year for our church Trunk or Treat Night. I looked at a lot of great ideas on Pinterest. Then, I had one myself. I love to do over-the-top, super imaginative stuff so I came up with Alice in Wonderland. So simple and turned out beautifully. This trunk works best in an SUV type vehicle.

What you'll need for The Trunk:

  • a psychedelic brightly colored fleece blanket or towel
  • stuffed white rabbit 
  • teapot, sugar/creamer and a couple of tea cups with saucers
  • printed directional signs taped to a cardboard post (see pic below)
  • bucket with rocks to stationary cardboard post
  • cardboard and white paper for clock
  • string of 50 Christmas lights (optional)
  • large butterflies or flowers (My butterflies are about 10 years old. They were so pretty I hated to throw them away so I stapled them to our garage wall. I KNEW they'd come in handy one day!)
  • printed cheshire cat taped to cardboard for stability
Here are some examples of our trunk: 
trunk or treat idea
Before adding the sheet that doubled as a tablecloth,  the tea pot and lights.
alice in wonderland trunk or treat
The trunk lighted after dark with my precious granddaughter enjoying the ambiance!
The homemade costumes added extreme excitement and some fright to our trunk.
mad hatter and alice
alice in wonderland

So MUCH Fun!

A brief summary on making the Queen of Hearts costume. I took an old long skirt slit the front and sewed in 2/3 yards of the silk "royal" looking fabric I found at Walmart for $3. I took an old black t-shirt and sewed in the pouf sleeves using a rubber band to keep them in place. You can sew or glue the felt heart on the front. The red gloves are from Walmart Halloween section. Added some costume jewelry, a crown, makeup and red paint on my hair. I got the skirt to look full by wearing my daughters' stand out slip (kids size 10-12). I didn't think I was a hoarder until I pulled that slip out of the cedar chest! 

I hope this gives you an idea of how to create your own Alice in Wonderland Trunk or Treat. If you have questions on any of this, please feel free to email me at or comment below. I'll be happy to help you create your own fairy tale any way I can!

Not coming out of the Rabbit Hole,
The Happy Handicap

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Exemplifying Christ

Rana Elyse Mashburn, 17, received her wings Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015, at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, from Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), an auto immune disease in which a person’s immune system will attack its own tissues and organs.

Her mother Kathy writes in her obituary, Rana was a brave and faithful warrior for Jesus Christ, and I'm honored He found favor in healing her of this awful disease. She fought a courageous fight from day one and she never once stopped thinking of everyone else. She participated in several research studies and procedures in hopes others would be successful in like battles. Rana witnessed many times about her love of God and her salvation. She spoke and wrote more than once of talking to God and Randy, and I know she did. I believe she flew swiftly with wings to be with them in God's paradise. I am thankful she is in Heaven, and I praise God for calling her to an eternal life without sickness or sorrow. If anyone should not believe in God, remember Rana's battle, because she lived victoriously and loved unconditionally. She lived #RanaStrong! Celebrate her with love and happiness because that's what she would want. My heart breaks, but my soul sings, "How Great Thou Art!" God is faithful and He has blessed me beyond what I deserve. Rana was a gift I treasured, and I will love her forever!

The picture above shows a couple of things Rana said and asked while she was intubated for several months. "I actually have been praying for a testimony that God would use me." This gives me chills that a 17-year-old would be this wise and forthright about her living (and dying) sacrifice for Jesus. I can only hope to be so selfless.

Matthew 10:37-39 

He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.  And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.  He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

Rana was a good disciple worthy of Him. She is #JesusStrong.  I dedicate this blog to her. May her memory and testimony speak forever. #ranastrong

In loving tribute,
The Happy Handicap

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Five ways Jesus "remodels" us

under construction

2 Corinthians 13:10 Therefore I write these things being absent, lest being present I should use sharpness, according to the power which the Lord hath given me to edification and not to destruction. This verse reminds us how powerful words are; they tear down or build up. But today, as I pondered tearing down and building up, I saw a different picture.

I enjoy remodeling houses. Some people reading this are chuckling under their breaths because that may be an understatement. Our house is 30 years old and I admit to remodeling several times since building in 1985.  My problem is I see potential EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING! My question to skeptical people who want to leave well enough alone, "Is maximizing potential wrong? Where some see old and used up, I see new life.

Jesus was a carpenter by trade. A carpenter who physically built houses. Jesus works in our lives spiritually and sometimes physically still using his God-given building skills. He...

1. Tears down walls. Corinthians 10:4 (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;)

2. Builds up. Jude 1:20 But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

3. Lays a firm foundation. Isaiah 28:16 Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.

4. Has building codes. Matthew 7:25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.

5. Satisfies the inspector. I John 2:2 And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

Jesus uses his master carpenter tools to maximize our potential. You may be or feel old and used up but Jesus can give you new life. Aren't you glad he sees potential in you?

Under construction,
The Happy Handicap

Sunday, October 18, 2015

WARNING: Revelations are addictive!

mighty things

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reported in 2013, 86.8 percent of people ages 18 and older reported that they drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime. Substance abuse is prevalent but not the only addiction people struggle with. There are also behavioral addictions like gambling, food, sex, video games and work. I'm surprised my picture wasn't beside the definition of food addiction. I see me there in my t-shirt with my bloomers shining digging in the pantry at midnight!

I love the powerful truth in Jeremiah 33:3. Many years ago I began seeking God's revelations. Do you? Read it again and soak it up. 


Is that exciting or what? It is THE addiction I don't want to recover from! God's truth doesn't cause any adverse reactions; no hangovers, no fear of overdose, doesn't make me overweight or doesn't cost me money. I don't need a counselor to discuss it with me, God is my counselor!

If you've been looking for something to improve your quality of life, THIS IS IT! One of my favorite, all-time can't forget sermons by my favorite, all-time can't forget pastor is entitled "Are you addicted to Jesus?" YES, I AM! I crave his enlightenment. I live for his joy! I have withdrawals if he doesn't tell me great and mighty things! I have to have his fix! Try Him. Before you know it, you'll be calling on Jesus every day to guide you to make life-changing decisions or complete simple everyday tasks and then you'll be giving him praise every time YOU call and HE answers!

That same pastor used to say "I know a few things!" He'd go on to tell that Jesus had told him some things and you wouldn't change his mind about it unless Jesus told him different. I understand what he means. Jeremiah 33:3. I know many great and mighty things which I did not know until Jesus told me. Godly revelations are nothing short of amazing. I'm gonna call them a..... "Hi from the Most High!"

Jesus is THE BEST addiction ever. Are you addicted? 

Not gonna recover,
The Happy Handicap