Thursday, November 17, 2011

things every woman should know about men

i have learned so much in 26 years of marriage that i can't possibly post it all.  i created a video that says it better.  the video can be watched from the video bar.  It shows how a wife should treat her husband!

i've learned that the way to a man's heart is not through his stomach.  i don't disagree that men love good cookin', but i've always wondered about this cliche because according to the human body, once you've reached a man's stomach, you've already passed his heart!  what about women who can't cook?  do men not love them?  the answer is yes they do because food doesn't have anything to do with the heart nor a man's love.  if a man loves you, he'll like your cookin' whether it's good or not.  for example, if i burn dinner, steve says "i love burnt biscuits or i like mine burned", whatever it takes to make me feel good.  lesson #1:  the way to a man's heart is to be sure he loves you before you start cooking for him!

i've also learned that the phrase "if momma ain't happy, nobody ain't happy" should be like this "if daddy ain't happy, nobody ain't happy"!  You're probably wondering how to keep daddy happy?  here's how:
1.  If he's mowing or working outside, always carry him a drink of water
2.  If you borrow one of his tools, return it to it's proper place the same day
3.  Don't borrow his beard trimmers to cut anything
4.  When using the bathroom, please close the door
5.  When positioning a tv in a room, make sure the sun don't effect the picture
6.  If you drive his truck, make sure the seat and mirrors are back in their original position
7.  His place setting at the table should include a big fork, a big glass and a big plate
If you're laughing because some of these sound familiar, our men could make the list for making momma happy and it would sound just as ridiculous and petty!

I've also learned that:
  • My husband is part of me. I wouldn't treat myself poorly, so don't treat him poorly
  • Whatever I need, he's also been able to provide
  • When I cry, he can make me laugh 
  • When I'm weak, he's strong
  • Trust, honesty and commitment are priceless
  • He's smarter than you think, listen to him
  • Nurture his dreams, fulfill his desires
I could go on and on.  I am so thankful for my husband and my marriage.  I know God created him just for me.

Happy 26th anniversary to me,
The Happy Handicap