Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sloane has a "friend" coming over....

So....Sloane has a new "friend" coming over!  "Not a boyfriend" she says, although he is a boy, rather a man.  When my kids were young, I'd never let them invite friends over because I didn't feel like I had time to clean the house properly.  They didn't like it but those were my rules.  Before Sydnee was married, she would help me clean to have a "friend" over and Sloane helped me clean today.  I might need a rule against "friends" coming over now but it did help me get Sydnee out of the house so I'm thinking these visits will do the same for Sloane!

About these visits...I do want my house to be exceptionally clean but I can never get EVERYTHING just right.  I'm gonna give you a few examples of what I mean.  First of all, we concentrated on these rooms (dining room, kitchen, den, living room and half bath).  The rest of the house did not get touched.  I don't know if you ever "specific room" clean like this but you should try it. 

Here's the living room.  At first glance, one might think all is OK.  BUT NOT SO upon closer inspection.  See those windows in the pic below, I have hired a carpenter to take those out and replace them with smaller, high efficiency ones because the sunlight is fading my wood flooring.  He hasn't gotten to it yet and I gave my Mom my curtain rods from that window.  So, in a pinch, I hung the curtains with some string rope that I had (notice the droop)!  Sloane can explain it to her "friend" if he notices.  Who cares anyway, especially with that big Christmas piece still on the mantel and it's March!  I think it's so pretty and Christmas is every day to me that sometimes I leave it there all year long!

Secondly, I always worry about my baseboards not being clean enough.  I wonder how many people actually check baseboards when they go to visit people?  Anyway, I'm hoping that the spit shine I put on the foyer tile will blind him enough that he won't notice the baseboards.  See below!

One of my greatest fears when having visitors, especially "friends" of my daughters, is they might need to use the bathroom.  I know this is a natural occurrence and I don't want them to "hold it" but my fear is a natural one too.  I am scared to death he will lift the toilet lift and a curly hair will stare him right in the face!  This wasn't Sloane's fear though, she just wanted me to get the dust off of my topiary roses.  See picture below.
We have steam cleaned the kitchen, dusted all the rooms and I'm going to sweep the porch now.  I wish that I would learn that my daughter's "friends" are not coming over to grade me on my cleaning skills.  I secretly already know that whatever shine I might manage to put on my house isn't the reason they come - because the beauty of either of my daughter's would outshine my clean house any day.  The thing I enjoy most about a "friend" coming over is getting help with the work!