Saturday, July 27, 2013

Are you this SPICY?

My life has gotten spicier over the years, has yours? I used to be a plain American kind of gal but now, I've got a little Latin, Italian and Asian spice in my life! I was getting so spicy I needed professional help. I was advised I must admit I have a spice problem and then and only then could I use their solution to resolve my problem.

I admit it! I have a spice problem. I kept hearing voices saying "Cumin on over here and I'll basil your head in!" Another voice said "Ginger, can't you keep those boys at Bay while I take care of this?" She replied "Yes Dill, but it's Chili out here. You get in a fight every Thyme we go out. Can't we Curry on back home now?" Something had to be done.  Enter Spice Expand-a-Drawer. (My little drama sequence, stupid huh?)


I don't know about you but I thought my spices were organized until I wanted to use one.  They fell over while sorting through them. Shot out of the cabinet at me or even worse, I would have to move every single last one of them to get to the one I wanted. NEVER FAILED! I ordered and installed an "expand-a-drawer". Problem solved. So simple and so easy!

STEP ONE: Sort your spices. Combine same spices into one bottle. You might want to discard some spices. I trashed the ones I had since like prehistoric times.  Wipe the bottles if they need cleaning. Now you're ready to install the drawer.

STEP TWO: Start with a clean drawer. No need to line the drawer with paper.

STEP THREE: This is the drawer fully expanded. It fits an 18" deep drawer and will expand from 12" to 24". My drawer was a 19" x 16". Take your drawer measurements before ordering to make sure the organizer will fit your drawer. Collapse and set into your drawer like this. Note: I used a small block of wood inserted at the back of the drawer (out of sight) to avoid the drawer moving backward. This is not a concern if your drawer is 18" deep. Mine was slightly longer at 19".

STEP FOUR: Expand on the left or right side (your choice). Begin loading your spice bottles like this.

STEP FIVE: Step back and admire your newly organized spice drawer. The challenge is to keep it looking like this! :)

The best part is the expand-a-drawer is only $17.99!

Leave me a comment and let me know if you like this idea. Whatta ya think? Got any questions about the drawer?

"Fennel-ly" organized,
The Happy Handicap

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