Saturday, December 21, 2013

Why Roadtrips are Better with your Husband Vol. 2

Earlier this year in April when I blogged Why Roadtrips are Better with your Husband, I had no idea we'd have so much fun in December that I'd have to blog "Why Roadtrips are Better with your Husband Vol. 2!" But here we are and here's why this trip was so funny!

long-haired dachshundWe headed to Cape San Blas, Florida to look at buying a lot of land. The trip would be short, down there, spend the night, look at the lot and back home. I usually drive. Today, Steve decides he will drive. Our first destination is Enterprise, AL (30 minutes out of the way) because we have our noble pooch Hermie with us. Hampton Inn Enterprise is the only pet-friendly hotel inconveniently located anywhere on the entire route.

Hermie travels better than most adults. He rode to Florida and back without barking one time. Most people can't even go to the mailbox and back without at least passing loud gas, right?Amazing Canine!

Want to see what Hermie is so intrigued about in this pic? I typically pack a bit of snacks when we travel. Snacks avoids stopping to eat excessively and keeps me awake. I love Golden Flake Thin & Crispy potato chips which I packed for me. I brought along some gluten free pretzels for Steve.

I was the first to enjoy some of my potato chips from a brand new bag. Sometime later Steve reaches for some pretzels. He (still driving) is feeling around behind his seat and mine looking for the pretzels. I said "Let me find them for you." He said "No, I got them!" Pulling a bag from behind his seat, the next thing I saw was a cascade of potato chips as my entire bag of precious Golden Flake Thin & Crispy Chips were underneath Steve's feet! He picked up the open bag upside down.

Steve apologized profusely and then said "I guess you won't be eating your favorite midnight snack tonight" while Hermie nobly sought to lick up the mess. No, we didn't let him. Dogs shouldn't eat chips. I emptied the chips onto the grass of the hotel the next morning feeling a couple of ounces lighter.

We were settled for the night and it's finally time to eat some drive thru dinner. We had pulled through Arby's and I was surprised when Steve agreed to three Roast Beef Jr. sandwiches. I was the first to complain because my Ham-n-Cheese Jr. that I requested swiss cheese on instead of cheddar looked like this...
For a woman who don't like cheese, this was disgusting! Steve took his sandwiches out of the bag, unwrapped them looking ticked off and said "What is this?" "3 Roast Beef Jrs." I said. He replied "You know I don't eat junior nothings! I could eat all this gluten and it wouldn't bother me!" No, he really couldn't but I certainly didn't say that. He removed the tiny slabs of roast beef from the buns, sopped up some of my cheese with them and ate while continuously shaking his head in disbelief. "Those large ladies at Arby's are probably still laughing at me saying "Look what's he's eating!".

I couldn't stop laughing when he accidentally spit out a chunk of roast beef while talking, grabbed it up from the hotel table and ate it!  This was so unlike my husband. He said "I can't afford to blow out a junior chunk and not eat it!"

I fed Hermie from a bowl I brought and used my mom skills to find a water bowl.
 Steve may have been unhappy with my food selections for him but Hermie was my friend.
Uneventful night and next morning, we looked for a Hardee's to get a biscuit. We both ordered sausage of some sort and was cracked up to see this at the front of the building.
A load of hogs! Boy, did that sausage taste fresh! We looked at the lot. I loved it! Steve said it was too low and was afraid of water restrictions. I suppose he was right. After all, it was in a flood zone but it was RIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD FROM THE BEACH!!! We canceled our contract on the lot when we got home. Epic fail but epic fun! Be sure to check out a funny house hunting trip with my daughter in 5 Ways Not to Shop for a Beach House in Florida.

Leave me a comment with something fun you've done with your husband. Trips, I'm talking about trips. lol

Having fun with food fiascoes,
The Happy Handicap

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