Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Free Space, Free Mind

"Less Mess = Less Stress"

This quote taken from by Donna Smallin Kuper, the "One-Minute Organizer".  I've found organization takes me way longer than a minute! How about you? Donna has some great tips on her site though.  Be sure to check it out, right after you read this...

I started the declutter war with our master bedroom, and yes I call it war (click for more)
because when you confront the enemy, things get ugly!  However,  my first declutter project turned out prettier than I imagined. I tackled this project after Steve's diagnosis of lung issues. The doctors advised removing the "dust collectors" from our home to improve his respiratory health. I started with the bedroom where we all hope to spend at least eight hours each night in restful slumber. I had no idea how much less mess would de-stress our lives.

We had a queen four poster bed with a memory foam mattress. I never liked that mattress but I love our firm Sealy Posture-pedic with cool technology that sits neatly on our king-size platform bed. Very sleek, very modern with crisp white sheets only. Decluttering gives our minds a rest, sort of like living in a vacation home only you do it EVERY day!
Notice the use of solid color and very few patterns.

Curtains or window treatments notoriously collect dust. I have removed all 100% of my curtains in our home and replace them with plantation shutters. So clean, stream-lined and inviting.
Great for "shutting" out light for deep sleep.

Remember the big entertainment centers popular in the early 2000's?  So 2000 and late!  I sold ours and used the money to buy a smaller, more manageable cabinet for a TV stand.
Almost dust-free!
I shadow-boxed a unique blast from Sloane's past! She made this fish in 3rd or 4th grade. Yes, I kept it for 10+ years. You never know when you're gonna need something (the root of my clutter issues).  It matches the room beautifully and proudly displays my child's creativity!
Be careful of art clutter, real "dust collectors".
Lastly, I moved my zebra chairs from our family room to the bedroom. Furniture takes on new life when moved from one area of your home to another.  I added these for "some" visual appeal. 
The brain needs a little stimulation!
I absolutely love the new decor! MUCHO easy to clean! It feels fresh and less messy and you can't even tell several days have past without me touching a thing.  I pondered how I'd know my decluttering was successful? Well.....take a look.
Tropical retreat

The other day, out of the blue, my husband said "Every time I walk into this room, I feel like I'm in Jamaica!" You tell me.  Does that sound like success or not?

To retreat or not retreat,
The Happy Handicap


  1. This sounds like ABSOLUTE success!! This is so inspiring, and spurs me to work on our master bedroom, which is the root of all things Dusty.

    1. Love your comment "root of all things dusty"! I'm cheering you on to declutter your master bedroom! It feels so good to have ONE room in my house done!

  2. Our bedroom is next after the bathroom is done.