Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day in a Small Town

Photo: Lines are backing up and the cash registers are singing at Ingles!!!

I live in a small southern town. The population of Murray County, GA as of 2011-- 39,557. We rarely see snow. You can imagine the whole town's excitement when the weatherman says "SNOW"! We start hoping for schools to close and flood the grocery stores for milk and bread. This pic from yesterday when the National Weather Service in Peachtree City Atlanta issued a Winter Storm Warning for our area. This may not look like a crowd to you but when we find ourselves two buggy
lengths from the register lights, we get impatient especially when we need to get off the road before the first snowflake falls! The buzz of shoppers and the singing of scanning, cha-chinging cash registers made me smile.

My trip to Ingles Markets yesterday had nothing to do with snow or milk and bread, rather my husband's birthday although inopportune a snow day and Steve's birthday collided. Nevertheless, I picked up cake mix and strawberries to make a strawberry shortcake, his fav. I tried a new fad making a no egg and no oil cake. I used 12 oz. ginger ale and one box Duncan Hines cake mix for my plain white bundt (not short) cake. Short, ha, the word is derogatory. I must say the bundt turned out moist and yummy! If you avoid eggs in your diet this recipe deserves a card in your box.

I scoured face book for reports of snow. Friends spouted off about weather forecasters, disappointed with no snow, crying like grown adults do. They found their happy place getting dismissed from work early though! Power outages from wind gusts made the headlines. The addresses of the outages coming close to my house. I thought "Oh no! I must cook dinner. I want Steve to come home to a nice dinner complete with dessert for his birthday!" But, I don't want to serve it cold. He prefers his food warm. I had a ginormous idea! I'll cook the food and if the power goes out, we'll just use the microwave to reheat it! LOL Yeah, after I thought about it, it made me cackle too. We are so conditioned to conveniences it's hard to remember how they operate sometimes.

Good news! We didn't experience a power outage. Bad news! We didn't experience any snow either. These experiences may reverse for some people. They may hate snow and enjoy power outages? It doesn't matter if we have snow. Not really. The electricity (pun intended) of the possibility keeps people hyped up for days talking about it. I get excited about getting people excited. People are happier excited. Think about this. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could keep the excitement and energy created on a snow day everyday? 

I count it a very successful day, especially on my face book page; no gun control pics, not a lot of bashing the President and I don't think I saw one pet rescue post yesterday! Plus, my husband and I had a relaxing hot dinner with a big piece of birthday cake!

Still excited,
The Happy Handicap

Leave me a comment and tell me what excites you about snow days!


  1. Thanks for mentioning Ingles! Sounds like a nice birthday and the cake looks delicious!

    1. Thanks for your comment! My family loves Ingles! It's the only place I shop for groceries. My daughter has worked at the Chatsworth location for 5 years part-time during college. The management has been so good to work with her schedule!