Thursday, January 31, 2013

Saving Thyme - Thursday's Pinterest Recipe Review

Do you pin recipes you rarely make? I do. But for you and me, for us, I'm committing to trying a new Pinterest recipe every week. You'll find a review posted here every Thursday as "Saving Thyme".  How will you benefit?
  • It takes time to make new recipes. Time is precious. Let's use our time for easy, delicious recipes!
  • It takes money to buy different ingredients you may never use again
  • "Saving Thyme" will save you time and money. 
Thursday, January 31, 2013. I made Lasagna Soup. Recipe adapted from "a farmgirl's dabbles".  Here are my modifications to Brenda's recipe.

  1. I didn't duplicate the basil. I used the dried basil but replaced the fresh basil with Italian Parsley. (yum)
  2. I omitted the Parmesan Cheese from the cheesy yum. If I smell it, I won't eat it!
  3. I used gluten free lasagna noodles.
The lasagna soup was beautiful in the bowl. The taste was super rich and incredible. Tammy's Taste stats
1 =save your time, 2 =try if you got the goods, 3 =just so-so, 4 =close to Mom's and 5 =grab a recipe card

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Lasagna Soup deserves a recipe card for taste alone. I rate the preparation of the recipe as a (3) where 1=kid proof, 2=easy, 3=worth the time, 4=difficult and 5=enroll in culinary school. The recipe has many ingredients and takes about an hour to make from start to plate.

 Godere! Enjoy in Italian...

The soup slides down so easy! Garlic Bread complements this Italian favorite. The dish is perfect for a cold afternoon, a sure hit for game day and the leftovers will taste better than when first cooked.  Make it a day ahead to save even more time!

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Loving Lasagna Soup,
The Happy Handicap

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