Monday, January 28, 2013

The Decision Tree: "Leafing Me Sappy"

Are you faced with decisions? Really, is that even a question? We all face minor, major and everyday decisions...even when we don't want to!

Life comes with built-in decision making abilities. Decisions -- a means to an end. If you take the ring, you're getting married soon. If you get an education degree, watch out students! If you stop taking birth control, chances are you'll get pregnant and maybe have not one baby but twins! Compounding the decision, you have to "decide" you're ready for the results of your decisions. Knowing the outcome of all decisions should be as simple as peeing on a stick.

Lighten up! Minor decisions give us breathing room. (let out a big sigh)
We're usually just glad we have money to stretch across all the bills. The thermostat adjusts. You deserve a little time off! Go ahead and take it. The last category of everyday decisions seem relatively simple but nothing to sneeze at. Some of these leave us pondering for days and require a three to four outfit switcharooney.  Which shoes do I wear with this outfit? What do I want for lunch? I really should call my mom today, can I make time?

I face a decision today about my writing. Where do I take it from here? Sitting at my kitchen table with keyboard in hand, I looked out the window and saw trees. Wouldn't it be cool if decision trees were real instead of a flow chart? We could walk into our yard and pick an answer off a limb! I want a cool looking decision tree like the one below.  Why? Because this tree looks experienced, a real chance-taker!
photo credit

The sprawling branches reach for opportunity with every branch. The tree trunk appears solid. The tree assuredly has a safe home if things don't work out. The leaves are lush green telling us the tree exists healthy and happy. Yes, we could trust this tree to make decisions for us.'s back to reality. I don't see any answers sprouting on the buds of any trees. I've been watching! I'm leaning toward the direction of blogging full-time instead of working on another book. I'd love to have your opinion. Do you like the blog? Do you get any helpful hints or humor from my babbling? I'm thinking of investing in a dreamy custom blog design, posting my weekly devotions here and upping the amount of blogs per week. I will take blog topic suggestions too!

You can leave me a comment without having a Google account.  Try it out as name/url or anonymous! You decide if the blog title "The Happy Handicap" appeals to you or turns you off and let me know. Thanks for your help. Who better to help me make this decision than my friends?  Here's the sappy part. I love, love, love to hear from you! Love me back with your comment!

Deciding deciduously,
The Happy Handicap

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