Monday, June 23, 2014

Mom-ism Monday #8

How was your Monday? Mine was busy! 

Mom-ism Monday #8 comes from little 'ol me. I name my cars like they are part of the family, do you? My mother-in-law used to call her car a "Fliver". Steve tells me that was pretty popular in the '50's. Do you remember anyone referring to their car as a Fliver?

Lincoln Sedan
Meet Libby the Lincoln. She came to live with us in 2005, the same year she was born. She was pre-owned but almost new with only 6000 miles. I love how she handles, smooth ride, beautiful drive and just downright nice looking car. She acts up quite a bit. Sometimes I think she likes the auto mechanics shop more than her garage. Her air conditioning works but only when she's moving. We still love her.

How did we pick out her name? After scouring the baby car name books, we decided on Libby. Seriously though, we just ran through a bunch of "L" girl names and Libby stuck!

May I introduce Floyd? My 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. Every time I buy a vehicle they are discontinued. Not sure why? I enjoy Floyd. He is large enough but small enough. Nawh wat I mean? How did I name Floyd? The day I bought him, right in the paperwork, I saw the phrase "The Chrysler Pacifica fills a void between the SUV and van." Fills a void? His name had to be Floyd!

We have one more named vehicle in our family. My dad bought his 1980 Chevrolet Ton Dump truck for $800 about 10 years ago. She gets the job done but nothing to look at or ride in really. She has a double identity. Sometimes she's "Old Nell" and sometimes she's "Leaping Leaner". Why the difference? We call her Leaping Leaner when she's cold and jumpy. Her tires seem to lean to the right as we jump down the road in her. She is precious. Pics coming soon.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you show affection to your car/truck. Nothing weird though please.

Car crazy,
The Happy Handicap

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