Monday, June 30, 2014

Mom-ism Monday #9

Vacation Time!

We love the Beach. This is our view...
sanibel beach

I usually take my mom and dad on vacation. Do you? And as usual, the Mom-isms abound!  We have LIsette with us also so the first order of business, to insure we enjoy the beach, is shade for the baby. This is mine and Sydnee's attempt at putting up a shelter in 25 mph beach wind!


Don't laugh until you've walked a mile in our sand-filled moccasins! did the job. Now if you don't stay in the shade provided, what happens next? You guessed it. 

Luckily for us, we have my mom or nanny to my girls and gran nan to Lisette! Gran Nan says "I brought the aloe!" Aloe Vera is our go-to remedy for sunburn. Fast relief! I said "Great!" because I already needed some. I thought she brought a bottle so I start looking for it. I spotted it and cracked up. Here's Gran Nan's aloe she brought:

aloe vera
That's right!  No bottled aloe for us! No, we get ours straight from the plant. PHRASH! I'm considering adding a new product to my ETSY page: ALOE IN A BAG kinda like octopus in a bag only less smelly.

Does your family use aloe for sunburn? Leave me a comment with your best sunburn tips. We may need them.

Aloe Soothed,
The Happy Handicap



  1. I LOVE using fresh aloe! Nothing works better! We always had an aloe plant growing when I was a child! Here you can find them wild ;-) Hope it was a great beach day!

    1. WOW! I'm glad they don't grow wild here. My mom would have them growing out of the light sockets. lol Nothing does work any better on sunburn though.

    2. LoL Growing out of light sockets! hehe that is great! They get HUGE here! Like some plants are as tall as my waste and their thorns get very strong. You can see God designed them to be protected and used properly! ;-)