Sunday, July 20, 2014

5 No-Nos that are Generally Accepted

What is a no-no? The word "No" defined by Webster is a negative response. So "no-no" is a double negative or twice as negative as one no. In other words, a no-no is a worse degree of no. In our society today, I'm not sure the no even means no anymore. It may mean yes or maybe or I'm not sure. But to me, it still means flat out no, never, ain't happening, you can't make me!

This morning I was thinking about a few things that I believe are "no-nos" that are generally accepted by the majority of the American population. I'm sharing them with you. Leave me a comment whether you agree or disagree with my 5 No-nos that are generally accepted:
  1. Dye your hair. Dyeing includes coloring, frosting or highlighting. My daughters and I have virgin hair. Eventually, we will have a natural highlight and color. Gray.
  2. Overeat. I have less discipline with this one. I hate the feeling of being overfull. Overeating poses all kinds of chronic disease threats.
  3. Buy on Credit. Several years of concentrated effort alleviated my frivolous credit habits. Yes, I still use credit cards but very carefully paying off the total amount due each month or using only with a strict repayment plan with little to no interest incurred.
  4. Think of yourself first. People are so self-serving these days. Thinking of others before yourself, I believe, is a parents number 1 job. I pray my husband and I have taught our children to put others first, themselves last.
  5. Electronic Devices for Kids. Our eldest child got a cell phone when she started driving for safety reasons. Her younger sister got one at the same time for communication purposes. Sydnee was Sloane's chauffeur for us. I think cell phones should be illegal for anyone under 16 years old. My thoughts on other electronic devices...I attended a Boys Choir Performance in May where I witnessed a 10 year-old boy play the same video game on an iPad continuously for two hours while his parents watched the performance. What was wrong with him watching the performance? Electronic devices should not be used as baby sitters.
I'm continually amazed at how much society has changed, not evolved, but changed since I was a kid. Most no-nos that are generally accepted should be shunned. Don't forget to comment and let me know where you stand on these subjects. Are they no-nos?

Probably not acceptable,
The Happy Handicap

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