Thursday, July 10, 2014

Money-Saving Thursday #1: Things to Do for Free on Vacation


One of the best, least-expensive vacations I can remember is a road trip we took in 2009. I had just quit work for personal reasons. We needed a vacation on a shoestring. The trip turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences ever! 

Our destination was Illinois for a Drum Corps International performance. What fun we had on the way! We happened upon Metropolis, Illinois, home of Superman. Who knew this town even existed? We had all this fun for FREE! Check out the Visit Metropolis website for lots of "Places to Play" around the novel city for FREE.
Next stop: St. Louis, Missouri. The Arch is magnificent. The downtown area has a beautiful park. We passed through quickly (no one to meet in St. Louie) but had a fun-filled day with everything we did again FREE! See me and my mom counting our money at Hooters! We stayed, ate and bought our gas on this entire trip for just over $500 for four people. Be sure to check out next Thursdays money-saving tips where I'll share how to accomplish this fabulous feat using my favorite restaurant clubs, hotel rewards and gasoline perks. Check out 25 Things to Do in St. Louis.
arch in st. louis

I love history and architecture! Our stops in Springfield, IL brought us to the Home of Lincoln and the Illinois State Capitol. You must visit the Lincoln House Museum (free), the Executive or Governor's Mansion (free), Dana-Thomas House, a Frank Lloyd Wright design ($15 for families) and the Illinois State Capitol (free).

springfield, illnois things to do
CHICAGO has so much to offer! We simply spent a leisurely day on the waterfront FREE! The beauty of the area is worth way more than what money can buy.
waterfront chicago
We just couldn't get enough of this road trip. On the way home, we stopped at a Dairy Farm and finally downtown Louisville, Kentucky, again, all FREE!
We did SO much in seven days! I got exhausted making these collages. This blog was a great walk down memory lane for me. I had forgotten some of the amazing things we did for FREE on this vacation. I hope these links help you plan your trips to these locations. You can always find things to do for free on vacation!

Leave me a comment with your favorite free thing to do on vacation.

Good memories,
The Happy Handicap

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