Saturday, July 12, 2014

Our Crazy Made-up Language - Epparksford!

I love my family! We have so much fun together. One of the things we do is make up words. They may come from a mispronunciation, a twisted tongue and sometimes, we think the word just sounds better said another way. Does you family do this? Truthfully, these words stick! We replace the English version with our funny family language word. My Dad probably says the funniest ones. Can you name the fruits and veggies in this picture?

My Dad calls that round beige thing a mushmelon (English: muskmelon). The funniest one we've adopted lately is for the long green thing lying in the front. My Mom went out of town recently. She assigned Dad the task of gathering the garden. He called me announcing proudly that he had everything gathered. He said "I picked all those lucchinis!" Remove the "z" insert the "l". These squash are no longer zucchinis in our language, they are forevermore known as lucchinis. We know, with a new granddaughter in the house, we need to be careful. She'll fit right in and play along. I'm sure of it!

Here's another one. My driving drives my husband crazy. His misophonia drives me crazy. On our 12 hour ride to Florida, I begged him to go to sleep, take a nerve pill or something. Luckily, he chose the little bitty pill. He was fast asleep in no time. Finally, peace for Sydnee and me. Sydnee was driving. Steve, fast asleep, raised up and said "Syd, if you'll stop, I'll pump the gas." We looked puzzled at each other in the rearview mirror. We had a full tank from the gas he just pumped. He woke a little later and asked for a water. He got strangled. After he got his throat cleared, he said "Wow, for a minute there I thought I might need the Heimlich remover!  We laughed and laughed. No more maneuvers in our life-saving bag. We do the Heimlich REMOVER because it works, not just as a CPR tool but as a word that makes sense!

What words have your family made up? Leave me a comment and share it with us!

Defining life,
The Happy Handicap

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