Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Divine Facts about Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, along with some Harvard friends, wrote and launched the software for Facebook in 2004 for colleges. By 2006, any person age 13 or older with a valid email address was invited to join. Facebook started a social media craze around the world.

Can we really give Zuckerberg all the credit for creating social networking? I think not!
  1. Social networking began with one man and twelve disciples! Those twelve men shared with their friends. Some gave their message a like and others couldn't wait to comment
  2. The coolest thing about being part of Jesus' network is he will never "unfriend" you or hide you from his newsfeed. With Jesus, we are always "Linked In"!
  3. The message of Jesus is so popular the thread has been going for over 2000 years. Oh, he got pinned a lot...with nails! 
  4. His message  over 50 characters is an absolute must retweet. If we don't, the blue bird will certainly tweet about him. 
  5. I am particularly glad I'm part of the G+ network. I've got God + Jesus + the Holy Spirit.
Do you have a You Tube Channel? I challenge you to create a video with your testimony to share with the world. You can watch mine here. Send me your link to star in an upcoming newsletter. Yes, I'm convinced that God is the original creator of social networking. He's got his own personal way of keeping up with memberships called the Book of Life. He writes down every name that accepts his friend request. That may be considered a little old school for today's times. I've been talking to him about upgrading  or writing his own software similar to Facebook. He's thinking about calling his Faithbook.

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