Saturday, July 19, 2014

Epparksford: Our Madeup Language - For Mature Audiences Only

We've been using this 'word of the day' for 25 years. Sydnee turned 26 years old this month. She was a beautiful baby. She has not grown out of it. She's grown into more beauty as she's aged. And don't get me started on how much she's blossomed since becoming a mom herself.
As a baby, she did everything a little late. Cut her first tooth at 12 months, walked at 13 months and was always slightly under percentile on the growth chart.
Her first word was tractor at the age of 12 months. So unexpected! We were in the barn looking at her Pa's tractors. Her Dad said the word and she repeated it. From that moment, she tried to say every word her Dad and I said. She pronounced tractor perfectly. One word she couldn't pronounce was "hotdog". I'm almost ashamed I fed her hotdogs. They were healthier in 1989, right?  The way she said hotdog was so cute and so funny we still use it today. Are you ready? Please don't take this the wrong way. She was 12 months old when she made up this word innocently. She named a hotdog....


Cockdogs are still one of her favorite foods today. You may never look at a hotdog the same way again. Every time me and her Dad says cockdog, we see a darling baby girl with kinky curly locks wobbling around in a diaper and small t-shirt. She pulls up on the refrigerator door, turns to us on her knees, points and says cockdog? asking if she can have one. We understood her precious language. Still do! 

Love is a language,
The Happy Handicap 

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