Friday, July 11, 2014

3 Things a Realtor Should Do for a Renter before Invading their Residence

We're on vacation, ya (insert Swedish accent here)? We are renting Anabelle on Sanibel for 28 days. It's a beaut to say the least, on the market for $1.6 mil.
vacation rental
Now, before you jump to conclusions about how much it costs to rent this house for 28 days, let me tell you. It's cheaper to rent this home for 28 days than to rent a comparable home for a week in Destin, Grayton Beach or any of the panhandle locations in Florida.

Yes, it's oceanfront. You are looking at the front of the house. The view out of every window on the back of the house looks like this. OMG!
This afternoon I was playing in the ocean and noticed my hubby waving me in to the shore. He was on my phone sitting under the prettiest umbrella on the beach.
colorful umbrella

I expected to hear one of my girls say "What chew doing mom?". Instead, I heard a realtor asked if he could show the house we're staying in tomorrow from 12:30 to 1:00 pm.  He advised me that we don't have to leave the house, you can stay while we're showing. Awkward.


"It's your choice, of course" he said. Flabbergasted I said "Can you explain the situation? Can they see it another time?" He continued calm as a cucumber "They are flying in to see a couple of houses. This house is the one they REALLY want to see. At least that's what I understand." His voice sure was sweet. 

Was this in my contract? Did I miss it? No one told me when I rented this house it was for sale. I'd used this company before without a glitch. I immediately sounded like my mom saying "Do we get a discount if we let you show it or some kind of concession?" He said sounding insulted "Not that I know of." REALLYY? REALLY? I asked if they'd be sending cleaning people and he said no. The viewers understand it is occupied. Do you understand it's occupied?

Because I am sooooo nice, I agreed. I also spent the afternoon cleaning the place more than I would have if it wasn't being shown. Argh! Why am I the way I am? Anyways, if any realtors choose to read this blog, I want them to know 3 things a realtor should do for a renter before invading their residence to show a home:
  • buy a free lunch for the renters you are ousting, or
  • offer a small refund for the time ousted (maybe the cost of dinner), or
  • at least give the renter more than a 20 hour notice please.
$1.6 mil and we're asked to vacate for an hour! We are trying to vacay people. Anyone interested in this piece of real estate? It is an amazing piece of property but if you're flying down to see it don't come during my 28 days. You might be thinking I could have just told them no, right? No, no I couldn't. The realtor should have been the one to say "No. The house has a renter enjoying vacation. Can you fly down in your private plane another day please?"

What would you have done? Leave me a comment and tell me if I did right or wrong.

Still scratching my head,
The Happy Handicap

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