Monday, July 14, 2014

Mom-ism Monday #11 and a Super Six Flags Deal

My Mom was born in 1940. The year after the official end of The Great Depression. Her parents were farmers raising 10 kids (she was a twin) during hard times. They taught her to be frugal when it came to be economically sound right down to the penny. My lack of a monthly balanced checkbook is hard for her to comprehend.

My husband Steve has a habit of leaving coins laying around. This bad habit makes my mom and dad shake their heads. My Dad was born in 1937 during The Great Depression. He knows and respects the value of money. When I took up Steve's bad habit of leaving coins in my console or neglecting to pick up stray coins in a parking lot, she always says "Tammy, pennies makes dollars!". I didn't agree much at first, but I'm catching on!

See Mom sitting on the hotel balcony during a beach trip in 2008. She looks like she doesn't have a care in the world. But I know, secretly, she's thinking "Pennies makes Dollars!". I repeat this phrase quite frequently to my kids. I'm not sure who coined it. It may have been Juanita!

save your coins
Speaking of pennies making dollars, there is a wise phrase we all know "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned". I love to save! Don't you? Are you planning a trip to Six Flags Over Any State? Do you have a "My Coke Rewards" account? If you don't you should! Those Coke lids are worth cool savings. I admit they are a little daunting inputting them into the website but they do pay off.

At, you enter codes from Coke lids for points and redeem the points for rewards. Great thing about the Six Flags discount is you don't need any lids at all. Simply go to with a valid email address. Register for an account. Log in. Search the word Six Flags. The first reward that pops up is a 40% ticket discount for 0 points. You will receive an email that explains how to buy your discounted ticket. How awesome is that? That's a savings of $22 per ticket for simply registering. If you already have an account with a points balance, MCR also has an awesome FREE Six Flags ticket for 1000 points.

Pssstt! Keep saving those pennies. I don't know if you've heard but they make dollars!

Pennies are lucky,
The Happy Handicap

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