Sunday, July 6, 2014

This is What the Fourth of July is all About!

Our vision was interrupted by rain as Steve and I drove up Gladiolus Drive to the busy intersection of Boy Scout Road. Three large roads feed into the main intersection in the coastal town of Fort Myers Florida. It was getting late into the day, the day after the fourth of July festivities and celebrations. We saw an occasional decorated vehicle from the earlier parade sitting along the sides of the road.

Before coming to a complete stop at the red light, Steve noticed a young woman crossing the road at the busy intersection. His concerned voice fired off questions. "What is she doing? Is she barefooted? Why is she crossing the road in traffic?" He took in more about this woman in a single glance than I could answer with one look. She wasn't barefoot. She had on a pair of nude flats with a classic fit white dress that stopped just about her slim knees. She instantly reminded me of Allie Hamilton.
My mind now conjured the same questions Steve had asked. "Why is she crossing the road in traffic? What is she doing?" the rain! The light turned green. As we got close enough to make out what she was doing, she was in the middle of the intersection bending down to pick up something. What had she lost? Whatever it was, it was laying slap dab in the middle of the road.
As we drove past, we caught a glimpse of what she was rescuing. Our hearts were touched. Our minds were amazed but mostly our American pride was stirred. Steve said "She must be in the military! If you want to blog about something, blog about THAT!" This young lady risked life and limb to pick up a small American flag that had been left or lost on the highway. Steve amused again said "You know you're not supposed to do that, leave a flag on the ground."

SHE DIDN'T! We know that "Old Glory" is sitting proudly in a place of respect and dignity. As Steve said "Now, that's what the fourth of July is all about!"

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