Friday, July 18, 2014

Wiggy Wanda: A Kid-Friendly Way to Learn about Disease

Kathy Mashburn has a talent for writing children's books that deal with sensitive subjects. Her latest book, Wiggy Wanda gives mommies and daddies, grandparents and caregivers a sweet tool to talk about an emotional subject: cancer. Imagine trying to find the words to tell your precious child his/her mommie has cancer. Don't do it alone. Wiggy Wanda is here to help you.


Keri Fields is only seven years old when she learns the reason for her mother's sickness. She has seen firsthand how badly her mother feels when she is sick. Keri listens carefully as her mother tells her about a boo-boo called cancer that is causing her to be sick enough to throw up and tired enough to lie down often. To help explain the things that will happen while her mother is being treated by the doctor, Keri's parents present her with a very special gift. Keri quickly discovers this is no ordinary gift!

To further explain the challenges of cancer, the book has an optional Wiggy Wanda doll with her own wigs - curly, straight and pageboy!

Kathy wrote Wiggy Wanda in honor of her aunt, Brenda Sue Scott. Brenda courageously battled cancer for eight years giving Kathy the inspiration for the book. Brenda's oncologist Dr. Therese Maxwell praises the book saying "Wiggy Wanda provides a sensitive and wonderful resource that can be used to comfort little ones who need help understanding and coping with the often frightening side effects of chemotherapy." The book has received nods from cancer survivors who imagine themselves and their children within the pages. Keep a Kleenex handy. You will surely be touched by the heartfelt story of Wiggy Wanda. Cancer has touched the lives of so many.

 Kathy Mashburn is a good friend and classmate of mine. Her success encourages me to get busy publishing my first children's book "The Corn in the Pan is Yellow."  She is passionate about reading and writing, and works diligently to craft words into something special for her reader’s enjoyment. Her desire is to bring to life the thoughts, ideas, and dreams lurking behind the doors of her never-ending imagination.

Kathy is an exceptional mom and grandmother being the nucleus of her family since the passing of her dear husband several years ago. Read a review of her book A Birthday Clown for Archer here.

Order your copy of Wiggy Wanda here or from the Amazon box in the right sidebar. The book can also be purchased on Amazon. Get your precious Wiggy Wanda doll  by clicking here to be redirected to Kathy's Online Shop.

Would Kathy's book been a godsend in a situation you've encountered? Leave me a comment to share how you see this book helping you and others.

Kudos to Kathy,
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  1. Thank you again for the beautiful blog! I appreciate you helping me introduce Wiggy Wanda to your readers.

    1. You are so very welcome. The pleasure was all mine!