Sunday, November 24, 2013


Relief Goods Operation at Sagay, Cadiz NegrosRelief Goods Operation 5 medellinWELCOME TO PIN IT MONDAY HOP #36! If you are very new to this hop, we are so happy to have you and thank you for joining us this week! For those who linked-up from the previous party, we are so amazed with all the inspiration that you shared for the upcoming holidays, not only that, we have seen great and inspiring posts. Keep it coming my Pretties! Very quick update of our donation drive for the victims of typhoon Haiyan. We already got $120 as of November 24 Pacific time. Thank you very much for all the donors. Your $1 can already buy a hygiene kit or 1 kilo of rice. We will ensure that all the relief goods will go directly to the hands of the victims. We will be working with people who have the capacity to transport the relief goods to the affected areas. These are a few photos of their relief goods operation. Operation at Medellin, Cebu. Estimated almost a thousand packs with water was given. 
Photo Credits: Mary Ty
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