Sunday, November 3, 2013

Join the Party: PIN IT HOP #33

WELCOME TO PIN IT MONDAY HOP #33! I have BIG announcement to all of you my friends! I am Co-hosting at Pursuit of Functional Home's Pin It Monday Hop that happens every Sunday 5pm CST until Friday midnight. Together with other 9 Bloggers, we bring bigger and wider reach for your projects/post. But first, let's quickly get to know these ladies.

Meet our November Co-Hosts!

Cathy of A Peek Into my Paradise


At A Peek Into My Paradise I share recipes, DIY, crafts, travel, everything Disney and bits and pieces of life sharing a peek into what makes my life paradise. Plus, I love link parties and there is always something happening at A Peek Into My Paradise.

Alicia of Aroma of Him

Alicia of Aroma of Him

Hi! I'm Alicia, also known as "the Mrs." on my blog. My family and I live as expats in SE Asia. I blog about our life overseas, recipes I attempt to make while substituting lots of ingredients, projects I do around the house, "tot school" lessons I teach to my toddler, and lessons I learn through parenting and walking with the Lord.

Michelle of Mamade Creations

Michelle of Mamade Creations

Michelle is a single mom to an amazing 2 year old boy named Eli. Michelle blogs at The MaMade Diaries about crafting, blogging and everyday mommy life.

Emily of Love, Pasta and a Tool belt

Emily of Love Pasta Toolbelt

I'm Emily and I blog over at Love, Pasta and a Tool Belt. I blog about new recipes we try, DIY crafts, home decor and improvement projects. We just bought a new home and are remodeling it so head on over and follow us for all the great posts we will be sharing about our house remodeling adventure!

Tammy of The Happy Handicap

Tammy of The Happy Handicap

Wife and Mom of two adult daughters. Expecting my 1st grandchild in November 2013. I live to have fun and be happy whilst outwitting a disability.

Miriam of The Lamanna Family Adventures


I'm a stay at home mom with 2 kids my son is 3 and my daughter is 10. I enjoy doing DIY projects and sharing them with everyone. I'm also in the middle of taking online courses to became a Real Estate Agent.

Victoria of Creative Home Keeper


Hey there! I'm Victoria from Creative Home Keeper. I'm a Jesus girl, wife to my best friend, mommy to two precious little ones, lover of words, avid reader and aspiring home chef. One of my goals on my blog is to encourage you to live more simply, intentional, and inspired at home. I'm so excited to be here and look forward to sharing some of my journey. Blessings to you!

Candace of Candace Creates

Candace of Candace Creates

Hi, I'm Candace and I started a few months ago to share my love of crafts, life, faith, and writing. I am a wife, stay-at-home mom to 2 kids, and blogger hoping to help others find inspiration and assistance with life and creative endeavors. I have just finished a 31 day series on food issues, including tips, support, and a clean-eating food plan for living a healthier lifestyle.

Denise of STL Motherhood

Denise of STLMotherhood 2

Denise blogs about crafts and fun things to do in her hometown of St. Louis, MO at She is freelance reporter and at-home mom of two boys, 14 and 6.


Judy of Pursuit of Functional Home


From Singapore to Cebu Blogger. My blog is all about a bit of everything. My latest obsession is making make-up video tutorials. I love creating post or inspiration collection. I am a "home executive" (SAHM) and we have 2 lovely kids. I am a stalker :)

1 Rule: Follow your Host and Co-Hosts

10 Blog Sites: Yes! Bigger and wider reach. Your post and projects will be seen at 10 lovely and awesome Blog sites.

2 links: 1 link for your project and 1 for your Pinterest Profile URL

Show your support and follow us here:

Judy @ Pursuit of Functional Home: Pinterest, Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Google +

Cathy @ A Peek into My Paradise: Pinterest, Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Google +

Alicia @ Aroma of Him: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Bloglovin

Michelle @ Mamade Creations: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Bloglovin

Emily @ Love, Pasta and a Toolbelt: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Bloglovin

Tammy of The Happy Handicap: Pinterest, Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Google +

Miriam @ The Lamanna Family Adventures: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Bloglovin

Victoria @ Creative Home Keeper: Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin

Candace @ Candace Creates: Pinterest, Twitter, G+

Denise @ STL Motherhood: Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin

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