Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review of Pinterest Dawn & Vinegar Shower Cleaner

best shower cleaner
Have you seen this pinned 1000 times?
you pinned it vowing to make it!
Did you?
I did!
 How did I like it? Let me count the ways....
my ultra clean shower!
1. Very, very easy to make
 2. Any Dawn will work
 (not just the blue, I used green with Oil of Olay)
3. Easy to apply
(although my hand did get tired of pumping)
4.  Inexpensive to make
(I'm figuring about .25 or less per clean shower job)
5. Superior to my normal cleaner Scrubbing Bubbles
6. Chemicals are not as harsh as Scrubbing Bubbles
7.  Stores well

The only adjustment I would suggest 
is reducing the amount of Dawn to
1/2 to 2/3 cup per 1 cup vinegar.
The solution was too sudsy and soapy for my liking
especially for my age group lol
How many of you clean the shower
when you take a shower?
I've got my hand raised high in the air
doing the selfie wave!
and, I see you blushing!
I will reduce the amount of Dawn because it was
so SLIPPERY when trying to clean.
I can see the doctors face now
up naked to the ER.
He asked what happened and
the answer is...
"I fell and couldn't get up!"
and he's like "Why are you naked and soaking wet?"

My "rain" type shower head made
it difficult to get all the suds and bubbles
out of the shower also.
Next time I'll hook a water hose
to my sink vanity so I
can use a spray nozzle!
Ladies, we've gotta have the right tools!

Overall, I will use Dawn & Vinegar Shower Cleaner, slightly modified.
I definitely RECOMMEND this recipe.
Have you tried it?
Leave me a comment with your results!
I'd love to hear your review of Pinterest Dawn & Vinegar Shower Cleaner.

Slipping and Sliding,
The Happy Handicap

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