Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you see what I see?


Do you see what I see? This picture still intrigues me! When I look at things my mind almost automatically creates a parallel with God. Does your mind do this too? I'm not sure why it happens. Trust me. I'm not a disciplined Bible reader, I only attend church once a week and I don't pray at the same time every day or night. I think it's a gift! Anyways, here are the other things I thought when I looked at this picture. What do we as believers have in common with the things in the pic?

  • Water hose. Is our spigot to Christ on or off? When Christ tries to flow through me, am I kinked up and block the flow? Do I allow his Spirit to flow freely "extending" to what desires water?
  • Gas Tank. Are the contents of my heart ready to ignite whenever touched by "the fire" of His Spirit? Does my flame get smothered out at the least bit of wind?
  • Satellite Dish. Do I stand with arms open ready to receive a signal from Christ? More importantly, when I do receive information, do I transmit outward to others?
  • Flood Light. Do I beam His goodness for others to see? Do I keep my light in the on or off position?
  • Gutter. Do I route harmful stuff away from my building or do I soak it up? My job is to maintain my spirit and keep it away from things that will decay the foundation.
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