Thursday, November 14, 2013

3 Websites for Free Teacher Resources and a Bonus!

My lovely daughters: Halloween 2013! 
Sydnee (the pregnant fairy) and Sloane (a human peacock) are teachers,
a special education co-teacher and music teacher respectively.
I search for free resources a lot
for them and my bloggy self
so I want to share some of my awesome finds!
Hope you benefit from these as well...

I love her amazing "free" file cabinet
stuffed full of goodies for every subject
here's an example of a math freebie
with many, many more available
image source:

Such a cool concept
it's like ETSY for teachers
and like the rest of us what teacher
doesn't need supplemental income?
image source:
 this neat Holiday Grid Math is FREE!
this site has anything and everything
for any and all grades
it's super cool that all products are rated
with 1 to 4 stars
EVERYTHING IS FREE on this site!
even "music" lesson plans.
I especially like the printable puzzle worksheets
with a word search maker, crossword maker, word scramble maker, etc.
The events calendars are uber informative
complete with info links
Did you know Mark Twain was born 11/30/1835?
image source:

Need a bulletin board idea
many to choose from
listed by month, subject and theme
 for your convenience and planning.
Wanna grab one for December?
Keep them free by following on

I understand how frustrating Music Teacher can get
having little to no budget and
paying for stuff out of their own pockets.
This site has a wealth of K-12 music resources
If you use other helpful, FREE sites, please 
leave the links in a comment!

Lovin' on teachers,
The Happy Handicap

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