Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why is my Kitchen Tile turning Black?

my mop is my enemy
the only reason it would sing
"Baby Come Back"
is because I haven't held it in my hands for over a month.

Do I look like this when I mop?
I don't look like this on Sunday
or any day of the week.
I don't relieve stress by mopping

Today, when I felt embarassed
to put off mopping any longer,
I was shocked by this...
Why is my kitchen tile turning black?
Can you see the discoloration of those two tiles?
Am I in a horror movie?
the black menace is creeping closer by the minute!

Long story short
The tile was installed this summer
Old fridge was moved out
then moved back.
 Copper water line for ice maker
in tiny streams behind the fridge!
Wet the tile, the sub-floor and the crawlspace.

(that's a little french word I picked up in Paris)
didn't this just happen in our laundry room
with a washing machine line?

Shew! Such a relief to know
our house is not haunted
and Steve and I can exorcise
this one.

Side note:
When this tile was first installed
I hated that it turned black
when water set on it.
(piece of ice out of the fridge or pet accident)
I'm happy it does,
So thankful!
avoided a potentially big MOLD problem.

Seeing a rainbow in black tiles,
The Happy Handicap

 Do you usually need a plumber at your house? Go ahead, let off the pressure and tell me about it!


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