Thursday, September 12, 2013

6 Hugs Short Girls Appreciate

short people got reason
short person alert
yeah, that's me
2nd from the left
my height causes my dislike of hugs
tall men with big hairy bellies
I hate my face being buried in this
no, my drool is not from your exquisiteness
and let's not mention large breasts
laying on the top of my head
now you appreciate my dilemma?

6 Hugs Short Girls Appreciate

1. The CYBERHUG where arm length or height isn't a problem
2. The SIDEWAYS hug with a clean, nice-smelling armpit
(that's me and my hubby)

3. The HANDSHAKE hug I can just kinda lean into.
Handshakes keeps me off of breasts & bellies.

4. The EUROPEAN KISS/HUG: fast in and out x 2
 only one cheek kiss if I'm lucky

5. The SON-IN-LAW hug...
it better be quick!

6. The COME TO MOMMA hug
I have no idea who this chest belongs to
but put that surf board down and
get on over here

I said "Come to Momma",
The Happy Handicap

What type of hugs do you prefer? Leave me a comment and let's compare notes.

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