Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why getting Wet is better than being Dry

 Holy Spirit rain down
We've had a rainy summer in Georgia! When the rain keeps coming, people complain loudly. When the rain stops, people complain louder. Doesn't seem like we the people can be happy. Gary Smith led our congregation in a beautiful song this past Sunday, "Holy Spirit Rain Down."  I cannot listen to this song or sing it without tears raining down my face. Such powerful, beautiful words and music by Russell Fragar.  Would you rather be in a flood or a drought?

You'd probably answer, like me, NEITHER! There are terrible things about both. Floods and droughts are dangerous, destructive and difficult. The human body is 60% water and human blood is 92% water. We must have water to live, without it we will die. The Bible says in Psalm 32:4 "For day and night thy hand was heavy upon me: my moisture is turned into the drought of summer. Selah." The psalmist sounds like he's in a desperate place. I've lived through droughts, physical and spiritual. I hate the "dry" feeling, swiveled up without any liquid in my veins, dehydrated. Do you remember a drought in your life?

I've been in some flash floods and seen some rising water on tv. The thing about a flood is you can get out of its way, move to higher ground or get in a boat. As I listen to Holy Spirit Rain Down, I don't want the raining down of his Holy Spirit to stop! It's such a sweet Presence like a cool glass of water when you're parched and thirsty. Isn't it amazing that we can't produce water? God has to provide it or we don't get it. Water cleanses, refreshes and satisfies just like the Holy Spirit. We should be begging for it to rain down on us and in us and never stop!

Let's close up our umbrellas we're shielding ourselves with and let His Holiness rain down! Think about this...the surest place to get rained on is inside the house, His House, the church.

Praying for rain,
The Happy Handicap

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